Lisa Munro, Bosley Real Estate

Written by Suze, September 25th, 2012

I have been working with Suze Cumming from the very beginning of my career and I feel so much of my success is due to her coaching. With Suze’s coaching, my sales spiked immediately and since have grown substantially year over year. Coaching has allowed me to dramatically exceed where I thought I would ever be. It is an ongoing process that also spills over into my personal life.

Initially, Suze helped a lot with having a comprehensive understanding of the importance of qualifying. Thank god for proper qualification. This really empowers me to make sure I am working smart, making money and enjoying the process.

Then there are the overall people and communication skills when dealing with clients throughout the process. We all know people can get scared, stressed and highly emotional when buying and selling real estate. Suze has taught me to ask important questions, listen carefully, understand, and earn my clients trust through powerful communication. This can be the difference between getting a listing or not getting a listing; this can be the difference between getting a price reduction or losing the listing; this can also be the difference between getting your client where they need to be in multiple offers or not; and the list goes on. When none of these things happen, deals don’t get signed. I’m confident that a lot of my deals wouldn’t happen without these skills.

Finding balance can also be very challenging. Suze and I are constantly auditing my business model with this in mind. Suze also helps with weathering the different market swings and changes to the environment – this is a tremendous source of support in uncertain times. With Suze’s help, a little hard work and open-mindedness my business can be anything I want it to be. That’s huge.

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