Christopher Bibby, Sutton Group Associates

Written by Suze, June 17th, 2013

A unique opportunity to talk about a very unique and special individual in my life. Suze and I started our friendship roughly four years ago. The amount we have conquered inside and outside of my real estate business has been tremendous.

While we have aimed extremely high each and every year and no task has proved to be too insurmountable for both of us, the experience of working together has been extremely rewarding professionally and personally. Our objectives have changed each year and Suze has always ensured I was diligent and focused throughout. Suze’s experience as a top producing agent in the most competitive market in Canada caught my attention. I have always been skeptical of coaching, but I can speak from experience that this is the one expense I could not remove from my formula. Suze’s approach outside of sales and volume is what makes working with her so special. Any coach can push you to work longer and harder hours. While my business has grown over 400% since we started working together, my hours working have decreased and my free time has grown exponentially. I look forward to continuing our journey in the years to come. Thank you!

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