Lynn Marie Robinson, Royal LePage R.E.S Ltd. Toronto, ON

Written by Suze, April 02nd, 2014

After almost 20 years selling real estate, I decided it was time to get back to basics and give my business a kick start. After spending 2012 and 2013, doing just so, business had improved greatly but not yet where I wanted it to be. I needed something else to get me over the hurtle. It was at the beginning of 2014 that I discovered Suze Cumming and her Four month coaching program designed specifically for our office. With that coaching experience came my coach, Judy Mitchell, and she is just what the Doctor ordered. I started the process feeling overwhelmed and like an also ran. Over run with paperwork and unorganized. Judy fixed that in a hurry. Her “no nonsense” approach sorted me out in those few short months. Our weekly phone calls were awesome. She would call me at 10am on the DOT! It did not matter where she was or what the time zone. She made me her priority. She forced me to understand the importance of making “the calls”, no matter how busy I was. She shared her personal experiences with me…good and bad….mostly good. Make sure you make a schedule and stick to it. Sometimes, dealing with uncomfortable situations with clients is hard. Judy was a fantastic sounding board and offered solutions that worked and helped me to save those relationships. She is a social media guru and shared a great deal of that knowledge as well. Overall, Judy held me accountable for my actions. She was always reasonable but firm. There are no excuses with Judy Mitchell. You can run, but you can’ t hide. How she runs her own very active business and still has time to coach is a testament to her fantastic time management. Judy was awesome and helped to take my business up a notch. Though, I did not reach my goal in 2014, I had my best year in the 21 years I have been selling real estate. Thank you Judy…my coach…my friend. Kindest regards always,

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