Dan Hartwick, Hugh & McKinnon Realty, White Rock, BC

Written by Suze, July 11th, 2015

Tracy is a very effective coach because she is highly personable as well as being a very experienced advisor! She immediately identified where the choke points were for me. We worked well together first to improve my energy level and then shifting me more towards my strengths using a social mindset. By improving my questioning and prospecting I have improved client choices and outcomes resulting in win-win seller and buyer situations. Without struggle, but rather with persistence, we improved my database of contacts to more than 200 in four months! I never felt like it was work as we channeled this energy in a happy social context. There are still, and always will be improvements to be made, but working with Tracy makes this process of assisting clients to sell and buy homes most enjoyable! Many thanks for your flexibility and patience with me Tracy!

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