Julia Power, Keller Williams

Written by Suze, October 02nd, 2015

I have been coaching with Suze for the past eight months and I have made some personal and professional breakthroughs. I’m very action-oriented and a driver personality, so staying motivated is not the problem. Suze helps me to round out the edges and learn how to create referral-based and sustainable business through connecting with people on a personal level. Wish Suze’s help and guidance, I had a revelation on how ask questions and be truly curious about my potential clients. I realized lead generation is not so much about the number of contacts, but rather a number of connections (I adore Mike Ferry, but I believe real estate is a connection sport). Overall, I am happy with Suze’s coaching and I think she would be a great fit for someone looking to take their business and personal development to the next level. Thank you, Suze!

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