Janet Rathbun, RE/MAX Performance Realty, BC

Written by Wendie Holbrook, November 22nd, 2015

I’ve had my real estate sales license for 12 years and have done very well growing my business to date.  The course provided me with the necessary tools to take my skill set to the next level.  Some of the concepts I was already cognizant of and I was executing well but there were significant learning opportunities that have shed a whole new light on the art of negotiations.  I feel like I have a new tool box with me that will solve and provide me with the key to bringing parties together successfully and effectively, as well as recognizing when there simply is not a deal to be had.  I was bursting with enthusiasm to try out my new skills and have been doing so at every opportunity.  I strategically think through the negotiations, measuring my client’s power and ascertaining as much information about the other side.  It’s now my practice to schedule a strategy meeting with my clients where we discuss our approach to negotiations.  In these strategy sessions, I’ve seen my clients realize the incredible value that a well-trained Realtor brings to them.  Most recently, I worked with a client who is a lawyer on the sale and purchase of her next home.  She was fascinated and impressed by the information and strategy I recommended in both of these transactions.  In her sale, we were able to attain a sale price well over our most optimistic goal.  It was the way I managed the negotiations (identifying and naming the other side’s tactics & deploying counter- tactics all while being collaborative) and the information I had been able to ascertain about the buyers that she was so impressed with.

In the middle of a strong sellers’ market we successfully negotiated $20,000 worth of extras into her purchase in a brand new development where we had been told the developer did not negotiate.

I have at times in the past struggled when conveying my value proposition to clients.  Not anymore, I believe in my value and it’s easy for me to explain to potential clients the difference between a well-trained negotiator and everyone else in our industry.  I highly recommend this course to any Realtors who are serious about their business and want to give the best service to their clients.

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