Amy Banton Remax- Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate Group

Written by Ali Calladine, February 17th, 2017

For the past four months, I have become renewed and energized about my real estate business again and have had many successes to accompany this enthusiasm! This is in fact due to my Mentor Jim Lawson. His approach to my business was tailored specifically to me. During this mentorship, a few of my favourite benefits:

  • Maintained a much more satisfying work / life balance
  • Increased overall productivity & established the value of time, small allotments of focused time can reap great rewards.
  • Shared great techniques to leverage my time with clients with direct benefits of establishing and maintain long relationships
  • Confidence growth and more positive self-image

Jim believed in me and was extremely committed to my overall success!! This has been an incredible experience and I will continue to use many of his techniques for further growth, and anticipating another fantastic four months. Ps- THANK YOU JIM!!! I just sold my highest price home of all my career!

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