Jennifer Houghton, RE/MAX Home Advantage , Grand Forks, BC

Written by Suze, January 19th, 2018

I am a new Realtor and needed help with marketing, finding clients, and how to communicate effectively with clients.  At first I thought it would be weird having a coach who is younger than me, but once I talked to Jenna, it became clear she is light-years ahead of most Realtors in terms of experience and understanding this business.  Not only does she have an uplifting energy  that is contagious and motivating but she provided practical advice on how to deal with difficult situations.  In my first turbulent year as a Realtor, she provided invaluable advice and guidance that helped me get through some really crazy challenges (negotiating with other Realtors, where to get information, who to talk to, what to do when I was feeling like I was in way over my head).  I would highly recommend Jenna to anyone who wants to get pumped about real estate, needs help staying focused and on track, and needs to feel supported.  Jenna helped me to see how I can be successful as a Realtor and still be authentic without feeling salesy or pushy.  My focus is on client relationships and Jenna helped me to make them even stronger and trust-based.  Thanks to Jenna, I have come through my first year as a Realtor with heart and soul intact plus I surpassed my sales goals.

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