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On Being Successful

Successful means different things to different people but a foundation of financial security is essential regardless of what matters to you. For me, success is the freedom to choose what I want my life to be like. Worrying about money interferes with your freedom to make choices and therefore keeps you from experiencing success. Success… Read More

Serge Guenette – Re/Max Hallmark Ottawa

Working with Suze and Tracy has been instrumental in getting me to “mega-agent” status. They are like the compass on a ship or a plane keeping me on course with my goals with their deep knowledge of the business, and insight into what to have me learn or implement next as I grow into one… Read More

Marketing That Stands Out

For an industry filled with vibrant, people-minded and outstandingly diverse individuals, Real Estate is oddly lacking in creative marketing. As we’ve discussed before (prospecting vs. marketing), marketing alone will not land you clients. As I see it, the power of marketing is in building familiarity, recognition, and trust within your target audience, which prospecting and… Read More