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On Being Successful

Successful means different things to different people but a foundation of financial security is essential regardless of what matters to you. For me, success is the freedom to choose what I want my life to be like. Worrying about money interferes with your freedom to make choices and therefore keeps you from experiencing success. Success… Read More

Serge Guenette – Re/Max Hallmark Ottawa

Working with Suze and Tracy has been instrumental in getting me to “mega-agent” status. They are like the compass on a ship or a plane keeping me on course with my goals with their deep knowledge of the business, and insight into what to have me learn or implement next as I grow into one… Read More

Marketing That Stands Out

For an industry filled with vibrant, people-minded and outstandingly diverse individuals, Real Estate is oddly lacking in creative marketing. As we’ve discussed before (prospecting vs. marketing), marketing alone will not land you clients. As I see it, the power of marketing is in building familiarity, recognition, and trust within your target audience, which prospecting and… Read More

The Idea of the Apprentice

Naturally, we have a lot of conversations here about education in Real Estate. It’s a complex, competitive, and entrepreneurial industry- which means that the way we educate and train new REALTORS is phenomenally important to both the industry and the success of the individual. Today we’d like to delve into a concept we’ve been thinking… Read More

Making Better Human Connection Through Metaphors or Analogies

The people side of real estate matters now more than ever. As it gets harder to connect deeply with clients, prospective clients and colleagues, due to digital communication, busyness, and beyond, it becomes so much more important to connect with people quickly and impactfully. At the very heart of this art are high-level communication skills.… Read More

Building Skills vs. Building Business: A true dichotomy?

Real Estate is a very competitive industry, and a very complicated one. To thrive in Real Estate, one must stand out from others by being excellent: knowledgeable, talented in negotiations, confident in connecting with and guiding their clients. It takes time and investment to develop one’s skills, but unless you’re smart about how you go… Read More

A Perspective on High Maintenance Clients

  We’ve heard a lot of stories about high maintenance clients. The clients who, with their “outrageous expectations”, “stubbornness”, and “bizarre decisions” end up de-energizing you, and throwing off your business. The contradiction of wanting to hide away from these clients and not take their calls, but being acutely aware of your responsibility to them means often… Read More