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Calling Your Sphere – The Ethical Approach

Last week’s blog – Is Calling Your Sphere Unethical, received a ton of engagement. Thank you. I think the conversation about ethics matters at this junction in the evolution of the real estate sales business. Ethics is difficult to define.  Philosophers and thought leaders have spent thousands of years debating right and wrong behaviour.  There… Read More

Scripts Evoke Defensiveness While Natural Conversations Build Trust

How do you feel when you use a script? I haven’t used scripts for years but I will never forget the feeling. For me, it’s a deep gnawing inside my chest that makes me feel uncomfortable and anxious. Here are some things I’ve heard from sales people we’ve worked with about how they feel when… Read More

What I learned at Harvard #4: The Emotional Dimension of Negotiations

The most common cause for a negotiation to fail is negative emotions. As paid negotiators, we have a responsibility to successfully manage the emotions of all stakeholders in the transaction, including our own.  People often say, “Don’t get emotional’ but that’s not possible. Emotions are always present and they are complicated. Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D. is the… Read More

Want to Win the Listing?

You’ve been asked to speak to some potential sellers about listing their property for sale.  They’ve mentioned that they will be speaking to other real estate agents as well.   It’s a seller’s market and this is a signature house in a sought-after neighbourhood.   Getting this listing contract signed would be a sure sale and a… Read More

What I Learned at Harvard #3: The Three E’s

In real estate, we get paid by our clients to negotiate on their behalf.  That means that we have a legal responsibility to have the skills to negotiate well to protect the best interest of our client. Earlier this month at the negotiation course at Harvard, Robert C. Bordone spoke about the tension between creating… Read More

What I learned at Harvard #2: Negotiation as Improvisation

I had the pleasure of having dinner with Michael Wheeler, professor of Negotiation at Harvard Business School, former Director of Research at MIT’s center for Real Estate Development and the author of 9 books on Negotiation.  A fascinating concept that he returns to often is that of negotiations as improvisation. We’ve been teaching and refining… Read More


The MCNE® designation is the premier negotiation designation in real estate. Earning your MCNE® designation demonstrates you have invested considerable effort to bring your negotiation skills to the highest professional level in real estate.  This contributes to raising the professionalism in Real Estate, and serving your clients to the highest degree.   The MCNE® designation… Read More