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To be referred, you must be referable. Your clients will not pour their energy into recommending your service, insist that their sphere must contact you, or get a glitter in their eye as they talk about their real estate experience if that experience was okay. It must be extraordinary. Naturally, a huge part of this… Read More

Can Mindfulness Make us Better REALTORS®?

Meditation has migrated from the mountaintops of Tibet to the Boardrooms of North America. Mindfulness is the all the fashion in the corridors of power including Google, Apple, Nike, Proctor and Gamble, Deutsche Bank – the list goes on. Can Mindfulness help REALTORS® too? According to Harvard Business Review, Mindfulness increases resilience, collaboration, complex problem… Read More

The Magic Bullet to Land Leads (it’s not scripts)

Top salespeople are liked and trusted within the first few seconds a conversation.  Here is their secret. They make it all about the other person.  Not just in the words they say but in the thoughts they think and the feelings they feel.  It’s simple, and at the same time, so nuanced that it’s difficult… Read More

Difficult Negotiators – Part three in a Three Part series

In our final article in this three part blog about difficult negotiators, we will examine the Intentional Hard Bargainer –or as I’ve called them in our MCNE courses – the Well Trained Competitive Negotiator. This builds on the last two posts,  The Accidental Hard Bargainer and The Reluctant Hard Bargainer. The Intentional Hard Bargainer is the negotiation… Read More


The Nature of Real Estate would like to Congratulate the latest graduates of the Certified Negotiation Expert – Core Concepts  (CNE)® course in Vancouver, BC. These real estate experts have invested their time into further developing their negotiation skills, putting them at the top of the industry and their respective marketplaces. Each graduate has successfully worked through a comprehensive curriculum… Read More

Difficult Negotiators – Part two in a three part series

Negotiation is what you get paid to do, so being excellent at this is crucial to your success.  You don’t get to choose your negotiation counterpart, so it is our responsibility to have the skills to facilitate the best possible outcome, even when the other agent makes it seem impossible. Last week I shared part… Read More

Difficult Negotiators – Part One in a Three Part Series

Negotiation Skills matter.  In fact, I believe that negotiation is the most valuable skill that a professional real estate agent brings to the table in any real estate transaction.  It’s what we get paid to do. Often, we need to negotiate with a difficult counterpart.  Interestingly, we get to choose our clients (and the better… Read More