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What is the Future of Teams in Real Estate?

Continuing with the discussion from last week, we are starting to see a clearer picture of what changes are on the horizon in the Real Estate Industry. Emerging technology will: allow clients to have more information and understanding, agents to complete more deals more efficiently, and as a result, we may see lower commissions with significantly higher transaction numbers. In light of these changes, one can see a lot of merit in the team model as a tactic for providing… Read More

The Amazing Opportunities that Come with Technology Disruption

We all know that technology is changing the real estate business. It increases the information that buyers and sellers can access without the hassle of talking to a REALTOR®. It offers a level of efficiency in the real estate transaction that significantly reduces the burden on the REALTOR®. It can curate and analyse information and data, big data, fast and efficiently for better analysis and decision making. It brings a level of transparency to the real estate business that exposes… Read More

Technology Addiction and Real Estate

It is widely discussed and accepted in this era that, just over 10 years after the first iPhone was created, Smartphones have majorly impacted the way that we think, relate, grow, and engage with the world. In Real Estate, we have easy sight of the benefits- quick responses, organization, capacity, and information. What many of us ignore is the abundant negative impacts: the proven negative impact on memory, focus, emotional stability, innovative thinking. I believe we all feel this erosion… Read More

What Does it Mean to be Good at Real Estate?

What Does It Mean to be Good at Real Estate? Of course, it is that we deliver amazing service to our clients. We have the emotional and social intelligence to understand their interests and needs, we have the market knowledge to guide them in their decisions, we have the legal and financial acumen to protect them, we have the problem-solving skills to avoid the inevitable challenges and we have the negotiation skills to obtain the best possible outcome for them.… Read More

It’s a Race

You can make it a race to the bottom, or you can make it a race to the top. In a competitive marketplace, there are two ways to win. One is to do it cheaper; offer lower fees and/or pay for some of the staging and repair costs. Some people will choose cheaper. The other way is to be better, to offer more expertise, better service, and better results. Some people will choose better. The first is a race to… Read More

You can Impact the Integrity of Real Estate

Real estate is self-regulated in most of Canada. BC is the only exception and BC REALTORS® are beginning to feel the pain of that reality. Self-regulation is worth protecting and to do that, everyone needs to contribute.   In Ontario, you have a chance to do that right now. OREA is asking registrants to complete this survey with important questions about stuff that will affect your business significantly. Some of the things up for discussion are: transparency in offers, definition… Read More

On Teams and on Awards – Are You Putting Your Clients First?

Ahead of your prospects? Ahead of your leads generation? Ahead of your numbers that define your real estate production awards? I’m in Kelowna and I am having fascinating conversations with top agents and industry leaders here in the days leading up to a Re/Max CNE1 course.  Much of the conversation revolves around the halting of dual agency in British Columbia and around agent awards since it’s that time of year. On Teams in BC The biggest immediate challenge with the… Read More

No More Dual Agency in BC: Chaos and Opportunity

As of March 15th, 2018, the practice of Dual Agency will end in British Columbia and the rest of North America is watching.  This could be a serious disrupter. This change is a result of BC REALTORS® losing their right to self-govern and a provincial government agency, The Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE) imposing these changes on the industry to protect the consumer.  This is going to change the real estate business.  It limits our ability to… Read More

Alignment: A Proposed Business Strategy

We’ve been discussing the similarities we see in the businesses of REALTORS who are really thriving, and one common theme is the idea of alignment throughout the business. What does this look like? Know your values. What’s important to you? Know your strengths. How do they align? Align your systems with this. Build things that work for you. Align your marketing. Now you’re attracting people who align with you, your style, and the unique things you bring to the table. People who… Read More

Calling Your Sphere – The Ethical Approach

Last week’s blog – Is Calling Your Sphere Unethical, received a ton of engagement. Thank you. I think the conversation about ethics matters at this junction in the evolution of the real estate sales business. Ethics is difficult to define.  Philosophers and thought leaders have spent thousands of years debating right and wrong behaviour.  There is no one answer on this and each of us uses our own values to judge the merit of our own and others actions. Real… Read More