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Wise Words from the Top

Last week, REPMag announced it’s selections for the Top 100 under 35 of REALTORS® in Canada. We’re so thrilled to see Adil Dinani- a client and bright light in our community- amongst them. There is always a lot to learn and reflect on from an industry leader who is making waves early in their professional lives. To us, this is especially true in Adil’s case, as his success has been driven by ethics that are great for his business, his… Read More

The Realtor’s Role in Times of Change

This week has been a week of big shifts for a lot of people, far away from many of us in the Canadian market. We’re living in a volatile time, with technological changes, many natural disasters as a result of climate change, political shifts, and a rapidly globalizing world. Our coach Donald Leonard, who is based out of Cypress, Texas, shared a reflection on the work of realtors in these uncertain times, with reference to Hurricane Harvey. “Rushes to judgment… Read More

Take Control of Your People Skills

We’re deep into an era in Real Estate where many of us are opting for quantity over quality when it comes to building relationships, or in a different perspective on it, generating leads. More and more, the approach is being taken to ways of generating huge quantities of leads, following up with them in a systemic way, and resting assured that statistically some of them will become clients, because they like our professionalism, our brand, or the way we were… Read More

Back to School, Back to Work

Are you settling back in?  Happy to get the kids back to school?  Or perhaps you are reflecting on the opportunity to do or be something more remarkable as summer unfolds into fall. I always feel that September is the new year even more than January.  Likely something left over from childhood school cycles. What if we took this opportunity to create the business and the life that we really want.  What if we did the work that matters; simplified… Read More

The Wilderness and Peak Performance

Suze is on the final day of the wilderness explore, and it has us all thinking about the impact of the wilderness on thriving in business. Here are her reflections from last year, which are especially relevant as we move past labour day into the swing of the fall markets.  Peak Performance is the extraordinary nature of an individual obtaining a state of optimal functioning.  The term peak performance originally comes from the culture of world class athletes but recent… Read More

On Being Successful

Successful means different things to different people but a foundation of financial security is essential regardless of what matters to you. For me, success is the freedom to choose what I want my life to be like. Worrying about money interferes with your freedom to make choices and therefore keeps you from experiencing success. Success begins with a mindset, evolves to a goal and then a plan to earn the financial means to reach that goal.  Whether your goal is… Read More

Barbara Long – Your Choice Realty, Ottawa West

In my 10th year as a realtor, I made the decision to kick it up a notch. I have been working with Carolynn for the last few months and my experience with her has done that and more for my business. She helps me work on the tough stuff in our business; ideas that are bang on and useful to me in the moment – truly worth their weight in gold.

More Than Getting Leads

Real Estate better be about more than just getting clients. Every coaching and training organization out there is selling you on easy ways to generate leads, build a sales funnel, prospect and use scripts to coerce people into working with you. No one is teaching you to be a better REALTOR®. If this continues, the proverbial fear we all feel about being replaced by technology will come true because if we aren’t excellent at what we do, we have no… Read More

Converting Online Leads – It’s not what Inman News Tells You!

I had to laugh at Teke Wiggin’s recent article 7 Tips for Converting More Online Real Estate Leads. If I left you my email address and phone number and you followed his advice, you can be sure that I wouldn’t work with you.  I’d think you were a pushy, self-serving salesperson who cared more about your commission than about me. Real Estate is a people business. If you want to convert people who make online inquiries into clients who like… Read More

Marketing That Stands Out

For an industry filled with vibrant, people-minded and outstandingly diverse individuals, Real Estate is oddly lacking in creative marketing. As we’ve discussed before (prospecting vs. marketing), marketing alone will not land you clients. As I see it, the power of marketing is in building familiarity, recognition, and trust within your target audience, which prospecting and being authentic and engaged will then solidify into a relationship. Given that the role of your marketing strategy is to build familiarity- you have a… Read More