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Difficult Negotiators – Part three in a Three Part series

In our final article in this three part blog about difficult negotiators, we will examine the Intentional Hard Bargainer –or as I’ve called them in our MCNE courses – the Well Trained Competitive Negotiator. This builds on the last two posts,  The Accidental Hard Bargainer and The Reluctant Hard Bargainer. The Intentional Hard Bargainer is the negotiation counterpart who truly believes that being manipulative, coercive, and aggressive will lead to the best outcome.  They may try to manipulate you by using anger,… Read More

Difficult Negotiators – Part two in a three part series

Negotiation is what you get paid to do, so being excellent at this is crucial to your success.  You don’t get to choose your negotiation counterpart, so it is our responsibility to have the skills to facilitate the best possible outcome, even when the other agent makes it seem impossible. Last week I shared part one, The Accidental Hard Bargainer.  This week we will dig deep into the Reluctant Hard Bargainer and next week we unveil the secrets of The… Read More

Difficult Negotiators – Part One in a Three Part Series

Negotiation Skills matter.  In fact, I believe that negotiation is the most valuable skill that a professional real estate agent brings to the table in any real estate transaction.  It’s what we get paid to do. Often, we need to negotiate with a difficult counterpart.  Interestingly, we get to choose our clients (and the better we get the more true this is) but we never get to choose our negotiation counterpart.  If our client wants to buy a house that… Read More

Money Isn’t Important (Until You Don’t Have Any)

One of the cool things about real estate sales as a career is that there is no limit on how much money you can make.  Work hard and smart and you can build a six or even a seven figure income. One of the not so cool things about real estate sales is that many salespeople are terrible at money management. Making money is great but if you can’t keep it and build wealth it doesn’t have much value.  Having… Read More

Perpetual Optimism

Most of us feel a certain amount of optimism, excitement and anticipation as a New Year arrives but that wonderful feeling of hope can fade quickly during the early days of January.  Old habits prevail and everyday challenges seduce us to worry about the urgent, anguish over disappointments and not focus our thoughts and energy on the important stuff. What if you were able to make a commitment to protecting your sense of optimism even in the face of the… Read More

Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Income – Is This a Myth?

Double, Triple or Quadruple Your Income – Is This a Myth? There is a book called What Got You Here Won’t Get You There by Marshall Goldsmith.  I read it back in 2007 when I was studying executive coaching and it helped to change my perspective on human potential and human performance. Coaches like to claim that their clients will double or triple their income if they hire them.  Is this possible? Short answer:  Yes.  Real Answer:  Highly unlikely but… Read More

Goal Setting – Suze Style

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”  George Harrison Goals are dreams with a plan. Goals matter if we want to create long term happiness. If you google goal setting, over 14 million articles become available to you but nearly all of them speak of money, material goods, recognition and/or losing weight.  People will spend endless hours reflecting on how they want to make more money, be thinner, own a better bigger house… Read More

It’s the Social Season – Relax and Build your Business

Real Estate is a people business and there is no better time to connect with people than the holiday season. Most of us are burned out and ready for a break by the time December comes along and while rest and restoration are vital to your long term success, a little effort at this time of year can go a long way towards building an abundant business for 2017. My past Holiday posts have spoken of the choices we can… Read More

It’s like dating…

….prospecting that is. Sometimes they aren’t going to say yes. Perhaps they aren’t moving. Perhaps they aren’t moving right now. Perhaps they have their eye on someone else. It doesn’t really matter. You asked, they answered and now you move on. That’s how human interaction works. Nothing offensive, just an ask. Sometimes they will say yes, or at least maybe and then you have an opportunity to engage with them in a meaningful way about something that is important to… Read More

Eliminate the Competition in Your Listing Presentations!

One of the trickiest parts of the real estate business is winning the listing presentation when you are in competition against other agents. The seller often holds one or more of the Three Common Misconceptions that Hurt Sellers and they may make their decision on who to hire based on these mistruths. Many agents will appease people by feeding these misconceptions to secure the listing and then be aggressive with the seller to get the home sold.  This is never in… Read More