Real Estate Skills

The Case for Good Marketing

Following up on last week’s conversation of Marketing vs. Prospecting, let’s talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of marketing. At this point in our cultural evolution, advertising and marketing is part of our aesthetic, psychological, and experiential landscape. Marketing experts have estimated that we see between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day. As salespeople, the least we can do is make marketing materials that are good. Good marketing is generous, authentic, and thoughtful. It pays attention to… Read More

Prospecting VS. Marketing

To be successful in Real Estate, we need clients. And to get clients, we need to practice business development. Business Development ought to use up about 50% of your resources (time, energy, and money) and yet, many REALTORS® end up accidentally spending a huge amount of ineffective money and energy on business development by fostering worry, and not being deliberate about balancing prospecting and marketing. Prospecting and marketing, while they serve the same goal, are profoundly different. It’s important that… Read More

Unslumping yourself, or avoiding slumps altogether

Last night we were talking about going through slumps in Real Estate, and it became starkly clear that everybody does. Your leads aren’t getting back to you, you’re not landing your listing presentations, your clients aren’t finding the right houses, and it feels like you’ll never sell another house again. This week we dig deep on how to get out of these slumps in real estate, or avoid getting into them in the first place. As we explored this idea… Read More

Geographic Farming: Below the Surface

REALTORS® can spend huge amounts of money on fliers, billboards, and bus shelters in their farm area to try and become established in a community. We see it in almost every neighbourhood, and from almost every successful REALTOR®. But before setting off to pour huge amounts of resources into these things, it’s crucial to ask, does Geographic Farming work? My answer: absolutely. But Geographic Farming is about a lot more than meets the eye. An important realization is that Geographic… Read More

Building A Culture of Referrals – Part 3: The Positive Impact of Referrals on the Industry

Over the last two weeks I’ve written about building a culture of referrals. Last week’s blog was all about how to be excellent and earn your referrals, and two weeks ago the topic was how to talk about referrals. As I’ve been reflecting on the culture of referrals, and hearing from you phenomenal realtors across the country, it occurs to me that building a culture of referrals is not only about benefiting individual REALTORS® and clients, but that it actually… Read More


To be referred, you must be referable. Your clients will not pour their energy into recommending your service, insist that their sphere must contact you, or get a glitter in their eye as they talk about their real estate experience if that experience was okay. It must be extraordinary. Naturally, a huge part of this will be your skills as an agent- having great negotiation skills, market knowledge, strong networks, excellent legal and financial knowledge and a strong commitment to… Read More

Building a culture of Referrals – Part 1: How to Talk about Referrals

Opportunities that come to you as a result of referrals are the most powerful and the most enjoyable. Referrals present clients who trust you, who came to work with you very organically, and who are now fuelling a community around your business. In this week’s blog, let’s start talking about how to build a culture of referrals. In my mind, the biggest mistake one can make when it comes to referrals is thinking they deserve them. You must earn referrals.… Read More

The Nature of Sales

  “I don’t want to be irritating.” “I don’t want to be salesy” “I don’t want to be ‘that guy’”   These statements come up in many of my conversations with phenomenal REALTORS ©. All right, fair enough. But let’s unpack what it means to be those things. The irritation and defensiveness we see in our prospects are reactions to deeper emotions, and most often come up when we force sales into a conversation. When you disjoint a conversation to… Read More

Can Mindfulness Make us Better REALTORS®?

Meditation has migrated from the mountaintops of Tibet to the Boardrooms of North America. Mindfulness is the all the fashion in the corridors of power including Google, Apple, Nike, Proctor and Gamble, Deutsche Bank – the list goes on. Can Mindfulness help REALTORS® too? According to Harvard Business Review, Mindfulness increases resilience, collaboration, complex problem solving skills and situation awareness; while mindlessness leads to mistakes, accidents and errors. Can this help us represent our clients more effectively?  How about helping… Read More