Real Estate Skills

Converting Online Leads – It’s not what Inman News Tells You!

I had to laugh at Teke Wiggin’s recent article 7 Tips for Converting More Online Real Estate Leads. If I left you my email address and phone number and you followed his advice, you can be sure that I wouldn’t work with you.  I’d think you were a pushy, self-serving salesperson who cared more about your commission than about me. Real Estate is a people business. If you want to convert people who make online inquiries into clients who like… Read More

Marketing That Stands Out

For an industry filled with vibrant, people-minded and outstandingly diverse individuals, Real Estate is oddly lacking in creative marketing. As we’ve discussed before (prospecting vs. marketing), marketing alone will not land you clients. As I see it, the power of marketing is in building familiarity, recognition, and trust within your target audience, which prospecting and being authentic and engaged will then solidify into a relationship. Given that the role of your marketing strategy is to build familiarity- you have a… Read More

Are You Tidying the House When You Need a New Roof?

Many REALTORS® tell us about the work they do and wonder why they don’t have much success.  They talk about their databases, branding, social media strategies, unique value propositions – the list goes on.  They have rating systems for clients, spreadsheets for productivity and checklists for listings.  Everything is neat and tidy and ready to go but they have too few clients to sustain a successful business. If your home needs a new roof, tidying up the inside isn’t going… Read More

Ranking Agents – Who’s #1 and Does It Matter?

How do we reconcile the difference between solo agents and teams in the ranking system? In Real Estate, a lot of importance is put on the ranking of agents within their brokerage, marketplace, board, city and even country.   There seems to be a belief that if you are number one or at least near the top of the pile in terms of productivity, then you must be a better agent and therefore more people should hire you to sell their… Read More

Engaging Your Clients to Refer You

As we’ve discussed in our blog posts on referrals (Part I, Part II & Part III), empowering your clients to refer you is both complicated, and very natural, if you think about the right things. Ultimately, to send you referral business, clients need to not only be happy with your service, but also be engaged with your business- to care about it. So how do we engage clients with our business, empowering them to be advocates for us? One outstandingly… Read More

The Desire for Freedom

Many of us chose Real Estate as a career because it can offer a level of freedom not found in a more traditional job. With no real boss and no set schedule, we have the choice to spend our time as we like. But each choice we make comes with a responsibility attached. If we choose to have employees or team members to take some of the work load away from us, we also have the burden of keeping them… Read More

Attracting More Clients: Scarcity and Excellence

Perceived Scarcity increases demand for anything from that sold out lemon cream donut to the masseuse you need to book weeks in advance.  When things are rare, or scarce, we want them more. We all know that people want what they can’t have. Our annual Wilderness Explore in August  is full and this week we posted SOLD OUT on the website.  This brought us a flurry of inquiries about this opportunity. I have been unable to accept any new clients… Read More

The Idea of the Apprentice

Naturally, we have a lot of conversations here about education in Real Estate. It’s a complex, competitive, and entrepreneurial industry- which means that the way we educate and train new REALTORS is phenomenally important to both the industry and the success of the individual. Today we’d like to delve into a concept we’ve been thinking about a lot over the past year: mentoring and apprenticeship in Real Estate. The idea of apprenticeship is that someone new to a trade works… Read More

Being Good is Essential, But it’s not Enough

The easiest and practically only way to succeed at anything is to be excellent at it.  Whether it’s playing hockey, public speaking, performing jazz music or selling real estate, being the best matters; but being really great at something doesn’t matter if no one knows. When people know that you are good, they will watch you, listen to you and hire you.  Only then do you have the opportunity to serve, to have an impact, to influence. The real estate… Read More

Making Better Human Connection Through Metaphors or Analogies

The people side of real estate matters now more than ever. As it gets harder to connect deeply with clients, prospective clients and colleagues, due to digital communication, busyness, and beyond, it becomes so much more important to connect with people quickly and impactfully. At the very heart of this art are high-level communication skills. By being strong communicators, we can get through to people more quickly, and build the trust and commitment essential to business success.   As our… Read More