Suze Coaching Testimonials

Serge Guenette – Re/Max Hallmark Ottawa

Working with Suze and Tracy has been instrumental in getting me to “mega-agent” status. They are like the compass on a ship or a plane keeping me on course with my goals with their deep knowledge of the business, and insight into what to have me learn or implement next as I grow into one of the top realtors in the county. They are awesome and care deeply for my success.

Julia Power, Keller Williams

I have been coaching with Suze for the past eight months and I have made some personal and professional breakthroughs. I’m very action-oriented and a driver personality, so staying motivated is not the problem. Suze helps me to round out the edges and learn how to create referral-based and sustainable business through connecting with people on a personal level. Wish Suze’s help and guidance, I had a revelation on how ask questions and be truly curious about my potential clients.… Read More

Rebecca Permack, Personal Real Estate Corporation, Coquitlam, B.C.

Suze is the first coach that I’ve met in the Real Estate Industry that actually understands the human equation. Building a business while not forgetting your core values, personal health or emotional well being is what she’s all about. When I first started with Suze, my mind was full of “I can’t”, and “they won’t”, and I was at a plateau in my business. After one year of working with Suze, my sales have almost doubled and my confidence has… Read More

Lynn Marie Robinson, Royal LePage R.E.S Ltd. Toronto, ON

After almost 20 years selling real estate, I decided it was time to get back to basics and give my business a kick start. After spending 2012 and 2013, doing just so, business had improved greatly but not yet where I wanted it to be. I needed something else to get me over the hurtle. It was at the beginning of 2014 that I discovered Suze Cumming and her Four month coaching program designed specifically for our office. With that… Read More

Christopher Bibby, Sutton Group Associates

A unique opportunity to talk about a very unique and special individual in my life. Suze and I started our friendship roughly four years ago. The amount we have conquered inside and outside of my real estate business has been tremendous. While we have aimed extremely high each and every year and no task has proved to be too insurmountable for both of us, the experience of working together has been extremely rewarding professionally and personally. Our objectives have changed… Read More

Danyelle Boily, Bosley Real Estate Limited

Remember that listing that I called you about when you were camping with your family in the summer and you took the time to call me? Well, I got it, and it just sold for $1,049,000 yesterday! It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but it worked out great! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and helping me. I keep hearing your words: “It’s a dance. Be authentic. Make a connection. Clear your mind, focus on… Read More

Howard Biderman, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.

Three years ago, I started my professional relationship with Suze. She had been, until then, a respected agent and friend. When we first met, I said that I had a goal, which was to double my business. In 2012, I have accomplished that goal. Going forward, I believe I have the tools to stay at that level, without sacrificing personal and family time. Thanks Suze, for implementing strategies and for keeping me on them.

Joseph Tavares, Bosley Real Estate, Toronto, ON

Whether you are starting out, ramping up or in need of a refresher; The Nature of Real Estate coaching series will help you get there. The program is focussed on results and provides easy to follow and effective strategies to help you achieve your goals. This is not a seminar; be prepared to work. The objective is results and that comes only with effort, dedication and attention to the details.  The good news: it does work!

Lisa Munro, Bosley Real Estate

I have been working with Suze Cumming from the very beginning of my career and I feel so much of my success is due to her coaching. With Suze’s coaching, my sales spiked immediately and since have grown substantially year over year. Coaching has allowed me to dramatically exceed where I thought I would ever be. It is an ongoing process that also spills over into my personal life. Initially, Suze helped a lot with having a comprehensive understanding of… Read More