Suze Coaching Testimonials

Chris Harrop, Sutton Group Associates Realty

I have been working with Suze and The Nature of Real Estate for just under a year now. I have found the advice I have received to be very beneficial for my business, which has almost doubled this year over last.  In addition, it has been very helpful in keeping a good balance between business and personal life. There is a big difference between the advice you will receive from The Nature of Real Estate and other real estate coaches/courses.… Read More

Christine Tetstall, Sutton Group Associates Inc., Brokerage

Working with Suze has revamped my outlook in both my personal and professional life. Her holistic approach has created a fresh path for me colored with focus, clarity and prioritization. Before working with Suze, I felt like I reached a plateau in real estate, and had no idea how to surpass it. By constantly being a source of motivation, inspiration and encouragement, Suze has helped me see past the plateau and move towards the next level. After every session I… Read More

Michael O’Brien, Bosley Real Estate

Suze is a lovely balance of complementary talents and skills. She’s tough, she can be aggressive, she’s competitive– and she’s warm, sensitive and thoughtful. I think that two of her most appealing attributes are these: she’s a creative thinker who can attack a problem in a large variety of ways, and she always has a positive attitude. She can truly turn a problem or a setback into a learning experience; a benefit or an opportunity. Suze is a pleasure to… Read More

Christine Cowern, Remax Hallmark Realty

I’ve only been working with Suze for a short time, but the difference she’s made in my business has been immeasurable. Her coaching skills, knowledge and resources are top-notch and have helped me to take my business to the next level. With her help, I’m confident that I’ll be able to meet and exceed my goals. If you’re looking for a real estate coach to help you be the best that you can be, I’d highly recommend Suze and her… Read More