Real Estate Coaching

The Coaching Model

The three pillars of learning and development will give you what you need to create a successful real estate career:

  1. A Strategy: We will create a Unique Real Estate Business Plan that is unique to you, that uses your natural strengths and talents, and that will ensure you amazing results.
  2. Sales Training: We will help you develop exceptional sales skills that will allow you to connect with people at a fundamental level, and to build the trust that is required to complete successful business transactions.
  3. Action Plan: We will keep you in action by discovering what gets in your way and by helping you navigate your path to success


What are the symbols in the three pillars all about?

Each pillar of learning is essential for sustainable success. Your coach will ensure that learning, growth, and development occur in each of the three pillars.
Three Pillars finalGoals are an integral part of the coaching process. Together with your coach, you will set stretch goals with timelines and measurable outcomes.  A quarterly review of your goals, progress, and results will ensure that you are on track to achieve success.

Great coaching is not about getting a little bit better; it’s about seeing things in new ways, eliminating the illusion of limitations, helping you know what you don’t know you don’t know, and leveraging your natural strengths to create amazing experiences for you and for your clients.  It’s about accessing an entirely new level of success.

A client of The Nature of Real Estate typically sees their income double and the amount of time that they have off double. You can’t achieve this by simply doing more of what you already do.

What is the process? 

There are three distinct elements in the coaching model.

  1. Discovery and Strategy Design:  This is exclusive to The Nature of Real Estate and is truly what sets us above other coaching companies.  This is a month-long process where we get to know you, your business, your strengths, skills, and values.  We then build a unique business plan that is tailored to you.
  2. Implementation:  This is a monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly coaching commitment, which ensures the successful implementation of your business strategy and plan.  Based on the three pillars, you and your coach will navigate the path to success.
  3. Quarterly Review:  This is where we measure the results to ensure that you are on track towards your desired success.

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