Become a Coach

We are currently exploring relationships with proven professionals with a solid track record in Real Estate sales who are interested in building a successful coaching practice. This is an ideal opportunity for people who are curious about adding real estate coaching or mentoring to their portfolio of services or pursuing a full-time professional coaching practice with The Nature of Real Estate.

Over the past eight years, The Nature of Real Estate has mastered the art and science of turning motivated and committed agents into star performers.  We have a proprietary model of coaching and training that works. It is changing the real estate industry one agent at a time. We are excited to be selecting a small group of exceptional people to join the Nature of Real Estate Coaching and Mentoring Team.

The ideal candidate is ambitious, compassionate, and courageous with an insatiable appetite for learning and broadening their own perspectives, while leading high potential individuals to high levels of real estate sales success.

Our coaching model is revolutionary in the real estate coaching field. It requires coaches who are committed to business development, ongoing learning, and personal growth.  We must model the same business practices that we support our clients in following.  We must lead by example.

We have designed a coach training program to get you up and running as a coach with The Nature of Real Estate in as little as one month. While coaching is a lifelong learning journey, we can have you working with our foundations clients quickly and bringing in revenue while you continue to learn the art and science of coaching.

Interested? Please complete the Become a Coach – Application Form and e-mail to Suze to receive more information on this exciting opportunity: