Coaching Testimonials

Suze is the first coach that I’ve met in the Real Estate Industry that actually understands the human equation. Building a business while not forgetting your core values, personal health or emotional well being is what she’s all about. When I first started with Suze, my mind was full of “I can’t”, and “they won’t”, and I was at a plateau in my business. After one year of working with Suze, my sales have almost doubled and my confidence has never been higher. She’s helped me get out of my own way and see that “I can” and “they will”! I appreciate being able to discuss the big picture with Suze, but also get sage advice on specific real-time real estate questions. She doesn’t just help with doing more transactions (but that comes too) – she’s also been instrumental in assisting me set goals in my life outside of Real Estate, and seeing that there’s more to success than deal count. Working with Suze has been the best decision of my real estate career and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

~Rebecca Permack, Personal Real Estate Corporation, Coquitlam, B.C.,


I started selling real estate in 2007 and after 7 1/2 years of treading water and not achieving the results I wanted I decided to try coaching. I looked at some of the big names like Richard Robins, Brian Buffini and Mike Ferry, but I was not sold. I wanted a more personal approach to coaching. I took a negotiation course with The Nature of Real Estate in December of 2014 and I really liked the unscripted genuine approach. Suze Cumming introduced me to Tracy Arnett and I knew very quickly she was going to be a great fit. I spoke at length with Tracy during my first interview and I never felt rushed or pressured by her to sign up, but I am sure glad I did.

Over the last year since I started working with Tracy, we have put systems in place that have really helped me streamline my business so I can work smarter, not harder. As a married father with two young girls, time with my family is very important to me and Tracy has helped immensely with time management. My business is more consistent than ever so I no longer worry where the next deal is coming from. Our long term strategies ensure a steady flow of business that is constantly growing. 2015 was my best year to date. We tripled my earnings from 2014, and I earned my first Sales Achievement Award from my brokerage. 2016 is already shaping up to be another banner year for me.

Tracy has helped me work on my strengths, as well as build my confidence both as a Realtor and as a person. This confidence, when combined with our great marketing strategies and her constant support, has helped me become a more successful Realtor than I was in prior years. I’m excited to build off of what we have accomplished over the last year and have no doubts that by the end of 2016 I will be a top producing Realtor.

Glen Tomlinson, Macdonald Realty, Vancouver, BC


I can tell you for absolute sure that I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for Suze Cumming. My initial call to Suze was my last ditch attempt to stay a Realtor after one too many lacklustre months at the job. I had the work ethic, the drive, the creativity and was very much willing to put in the work… but my sales weren’t reflecting all that before I made the call to her. (Either was my bank account, really). What Suze has done for me is more than I can put to paper. She’s helped me read people and communicate in a totally different way. She’s helped build my confidence and unleash skills that I had but wasn’t using to my full potential before. She’s helped me plan and focus on what matters in becoming successful and true to clients. And she’s made me laugh and find balance in life. “Brilliant” is the word that comes to mind when your coach helps you brainstorm solutions to fitting in tucking your child into bed, the marathon-training-run and the offer presentation within hours of each other. In my first year alone working with Suze, I more than quadrupled my sales and went from starving Realtor to top 10 in my office….while still having time to be the mother I wanted to be to my son. Thank you, Suze.

                                                                    ~Karyn Filiatrault – Bosley Real Estate

Suze has helped me solidify a foundation on which I can sell more houses and generate more leads on a consistent basis. I feel like I am now, really taking my business to the next level.

                                                         ~Martin Desjardins, Groupe Sutton – immobilia Inc. 

I’ve only been working with Suze for a short time, but the difference she’s made in my business has been immeasurable. Her coaching skills, knowledge and resources are top-notch and have helped me to take my business to the next level. With her help, I’m confident that I’ll be able to meet and exceed my goals. If you’re looking for a real estate coach to help you be the best that you can be, I’d highly recommend Suze and her professional coaching team.

~Christine Cowern, Remax Hallmark Realty


Since I began working with Suze as my coach, both my business skills and my bottom line have grown exponentially. Suze’s experience, wisdom and perspective combined with her commitment to my business have been instrumental in helping me get where I want to be.


~ Ira Jelinek, Harvey Kalles Real Estate


 Suze is a lovely balance of complementary talents and skills. She’s tough, she can be aggressive, she’s competitive– and she’s warm, sensitive and thoughtful. I think that two of her most appealing attributes are these: she’s a creative thinker who can attack a problem in a large variety of ways, and she always has a positive attitude. She can truly turn a problem or a setback into a learning experience; a benefit or an opportunity. Suze is a pleasure to work with; she has made me much more productive and I look forward each week to our half hour together. I can’t imagine she could fail to help anyone.


~ Michael O’Brien, Bosley Real Estate


 I have been working with Suze Cumming from the very beginning of my career and I feel so much of my success is due to her coaching.  With Suze’s coaching, my sales spiked immediately and since have grown substantially year over year. Coaching has allowed me to dramatically exceed where I thought I would ever be. It is an ongoing process that also spills over into my personal life.

 Initially, Suze helped a lot with having a comprehensive understanding of the importance of qualifying. Thank god for proper qualification. This really empowers me to make sure I am working smart, making money and enjoying the process.

 Then there are the overall people and communication skills when dealing with clients throughout the process. We all know people can get scared, stressed and highly emotional when buying and selling real estate. Suze has taught me to ask important questions, listen carefully, understand, and earn my clients trust through powerful communication. This can be the difference between getting a listing or not getting a listing; this can be the difference between getting a price reduction or losing the listing; this can also be the difference between getting your client  where they need to be in multiple offers or not; and the list goes on. When none of these things happen, deals don’t get signed. I’m confident that a lot of my deals wouldn’t happen without these skills.

Finding balance can also be very challenging. Suze and I are constantly auditing my business model with this in mind. Suze also helps with weathering the different market swings and changes to the environment – this is a tremendous source of support in uncertain times. With Suze’s help, a little hard work and open-mindedness my business can be anything I want it to be. That’s huge.      

                                              ~ Lisa Munro, Bosley Real Estate

 I wholeheartedly recommend Suze Cumming and The Nature of Real Estate. Suze brings a fresh holistic approach to her coaching program that we have found very supportive and productive. Coming from the understanding that many factors affect one’s progress, Suze has designed a very specific series of steps that allow her clients to realize their goals. We have seen agents who follow these steps, with Suze’s careful mentoring, increase their sales almost exponentially. Work with The Nature of Real Estate…you’ll be very pleased.       

~ Keith Tarswell, Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

A unique opportunity to talk about a very unique and special individual in my life. Suze and I started our friendship roughly four years ago. The amount we have conquered inside and outside of my real estate business has been tremendous.

 While we have aimed extremely high each and every year and no task has proved to be too insurmountable for both of us, the experience of working together has been extremely rewarding professionally and personally. Our objectives have changed each year and Suze has always ensured I was diligent and focused throughout. Suze’s experience as a top producing agent in the most competitive market in Canada caught my attention. I have always been skeptical of coaching, but I can speak from experience that this is the one expense I could not remove from my formula. Suze’s approach outside of sales and volume is what makes working with her so special. Any coach can push you to work longer and harder hours. While my business has grown over 400% since we started working together, my hours working have decreased and my free time has grown exponentially. I look forward to continuing our journey in the years to come. Thank you!   

   ~ Christopher Bibby, Sutton Group Associates.

 Suze has been extremely instrumental in helping me strengthen and improve my real estate business from its very rocky beginnings.   Her insight, wisdom and ability to ask the right questions, which is essential to helping uncover the elements that can hold us back from achieving our goals, truly made a life-changing difference for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Suze to anyone looking to clarify and reinforce themselves as a person and a Real Estate Agent.

~ Larissa Doherty

I started working with Suze in late 2009, and I can’t express just how much she has been instrumental in the success of my business. In today’s saturated real estate market, it’s important to have someone like Suze as a coach and confidante. She not only has the experience, but also the empathy and compassion to be there every step of the way with you.

 Suze has been invaluable in helping me achieve my personal and business goals. She helps me brainstorm new ideas and keeps me accountable, never letting me stray from my objectives.

Because of Suze’s sure hand, I feel secure that my business will thrive for a long time. In fact, I am already on track to achieve and surpass my personal goals for the year – and I owe most of it to the expert guidance that only Suze can provide.      

                                                        ~ Edward Wang, Coldwell Banker Case Realty

Suze is such a wise person with a skill for communicating and sharing the nuances of the sales process. It’s in the details, the nuances, that Suze helps me to engage prospects and convert them to clients. There’s a lot to learn! Thanks to Suze, I do now understand the sales process better and have started to put systems in place that will help me to succeed and compete at a high level. We’re building a business and a master of sales together. Thank you, Suze, for your confidence in me, your encouragement, and your skills…we’re seeing results that matter!

~ Amanda King, Royal LePage Connect Realty

Working with Suze has revamped my outlook in both my personal and professional life. Her holistic approach has created a fresh path for me colored with focus, clarity and prioritization. Before working with Suze, I felt like I reached a plateau in real estate, and had no idea how to surpass it. By constantly being a source of motivation, inspiration and encouragement, Suze has helped me see past the plateau and move towards the next level. After every session I feel invigorated, and excited to apply the new tools Suze has armed me with. I highly recommend Suze and her coaching service to anyone that is ready to become truly successful.                                                                                

~ Christine Tetstall, Sutton Group Associates Inc., Brokerage

 Three years ago, I started my professional relationship with Suze. She had been, until then, a respected agent and friend. When we first met, I said that I had a goal, which was to double my business. In 2012, I have accomplished that goal. Going forward, I believe I have the tools to stay at that level, without sacrificing personal and family time. Thanks Suze, for implementing strategies and for keeping me on them.

~ Howard Bidermanm, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.

We have been coaching together since December 2010, and I cannot tell you what a difference you have made in my career.  First and foremost, you are Canadian, which is so incredibly important. I have been coached by two other U.S. companies in the past and their methods are completely different.

 Second, you have been a real estate agent for many years and therefore you understand what it is really like. Your approach to coaching is very unique. You are truly concerned about your clients. When I speak to you, I know that no one else matters.  You are not only concerned with my business but also with other aspects of my life, which sometimes get in the way of real estate.  Your coaching is not just a systematic approach but a genuine, down-to-earth approach. You have helped me recognize that I need to have faith in myself and in the system.  You are not only a coach but a real estate consultant.  I am much farther ahead now than I was six months ago, and I have you to thank.

 Your enthusiasm, support and encouragement are something I look forward to every week with our calls.  I wish I could have found you years ago, as I know I would be much farther ahead by now, but I am just grateful that you were referred to me last year.    I would highly recommend you to any realtor whether new, seasoned or just starting out.  Thank you so much, Suze, for all of your help.  I will be forever indebted.

                                                                                                        ~ Rosanna Rocca, Royal LePage Real Estate Services

I have been coaching with Suze for the past eight months and I have made some personal and professional breakthroughs. I’m very action-oriented and a driver personality, so staying motivated is not the problem. Suze helps me to round out the edges and learn how to create referral-based and sustainable business through connecting with people on a personal level. Wish Suze’s help and guidance, I had a revelation on how ask questions and be truly curious about my potential clients. I realized lead generation is not so much about the number of contacts, but rather a number of connections (I adore Mike Ferry, but I believe real estate is a connection sport). Overall, I am happy with Suze’s coaching and I think she would be a great fit for someone looking to take their business and personal development to the next level. Thank you, Suze!

~ Julia Power, Keller Williams