Ali Calladine – Foundations Coach


Ali approaches coaching as a partnership in which she supports her clients by creating space for creativity and drive, brainstorming together with clients, and pushing the bounds of what people can achieve (as well as how much they can enjoy achieving it).

Our only coach without personal experience in real estate, Ali’s coaching method isn’t based in teaching about the real estate business; it’s about taking the knowledge one has and turning that in to phenomenal results. Having said that, her knowledge of real estate isn’t completely lacking. Ali’s background is in housing economics, and she grew up in a family of realtors starting by sitting in on offers and eventually brainstorming strategy and possibilities in real estate at home.

What clients can expect from Ali is a coach who will be there with them through every stage of reaching success, and will honour that success as a unique path. Her coaching style is collaborative and engaged, with well placed times to call someone out around why they’re not doing their work.