Brian Bogaert- Money Coach

Brian Bogaert stands alone amongst our coaches in his specialty: money. Brian is a dynamic and accomplished money coach who is now working with the Nature of Real Estate, inspired by our shared values of integrity, excellence, and empathy.

Money is laced through our lives, holding deep impact in our businesses, work life balance, values, freedom, and interfacing with the world. It impacts those around us, and we all leave a legacy of either inheritance or dept. The money market is complicated, and yet there is no education about it, the subject is taboo, and the banks we deal with for advice have a profit incentive.  This is Brian’s motivation for choosing to educate and empower people around money and investing. To quote Brian himself, “While money is not everything, it does give you more choice, and thus, more freedom.”

In 2003 Brian left work in the corporate world and went into Real Estate investing and partnering. Sensing the trouble in the market, he cashed out of the Real Estate market with his partners just before the 2007 crash. Upon seeing the devastation of the great recession in ’08, Brian chose to dig deep into money, investments, leverage and debt so he could help others create real freedom in their lives and avoid being taken advantage of.

Brian simplifies finances and demystifies investing to reduce money anxiety, make business finances easier, and implement investing plans. He is a certified coach with the AUNLP and a master practitioner of Neurolinguistics Programming with the NFNLP. Brain has been partnering with and coaching Realtors since 2004.

By working with Brian, a trusted Money Coach, you will become educated about money, create a positive money mindset that empowers you to reach your goals, and learn the only true path to building lasting wealth and personal Freedom.

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Money Coaching Programs

In the Money Mastery for REALTORS® Coaching Series you will:

  • Reduce stress & anxiety knowing you are back in control of your Finances
  • Implement auto processes to decrease time spent on Money matters
  • Create a positive Money Mindset focused on Abundance & Freedom
  • Stop paying penalties for being late with Taxes, HST, Bills etc.
  • Turn more of your hard earned Revenue into real Profit
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses and have more Money on hand
  • Sleep better knowing you are set up to reach your Success Goals

In the Advanced Investing Due Diligence Coaching Series you will:

  • Create a personal Investment plan that leads to your Financial Freedom
  • Do Real analysis of actual Investment deals
  • Learn the absolute critical key Due Diligence steps for ALL Investments
  • Build the confidence you need to start investing
  • Become educated on the differences between RSP’s, TFSA’s and Unregistered investments and understand why this matters to you
  • Learn how mutual funds and stocks make Banks rich and why Wealthy people leverage Real Estate investing


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