Carolynn Moon- Professional Coach

After 25 years selling real estate as an award winning, top producer, and one of the top residential real estate sales representatives in Canada, Carolynn has decided to transition from the front lines to coaching.

Throughout her entire career, she has always maintained her passion for the industry and inspiring those around her. Whether her clients were buying their first home, upgrading, or downsizing, she approached the job with the same enthusiasm, attention to detail, and genuine care for the individuals. From initial meeting to moving day, and on to moving anniversaries, Carolynn never forgot her clients. It is these things, among others, that made her so successful.

Last year, she made her dream move to the west coast in pursuit of the outdoors, and a different way of interacting with real estate. After so long climbing metaphorical mountains in her career, it was time to tackle the real thing. With many years of encouragement from colleagues and clients alike, she has decided to dive into the world of coaching.

With her business style, infectious go-getter attitude, and passion for the industry, Carolynn encourages her clients to continuously strive for excellence, and to channel their passions into their own unique business model. Dedicated to people and their visions, she maintains her Motto – SOLD ON SERVICE.

When she’s not working, you can find her hiking in the mountains with her friends and family, cycling, or exploring the beautiful province she calls home.


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