Donald Leonard- Foundations Coach

Humorous, easy going, affable are all words used to describe Donald. So are the phrases “holds me accountable” and “takes me to task”. Why the dichotomy? Well, that’s his style. Agents Donald has worked with describe him as having a very simple philosophy: “We create a plan together. I wouldn’t suggest you agree to it if I didn’t think you could do it. I wouldn’t think you’d agree to it if you didn’t think you could do it. If you aren’t doing it, we have to figure out if it is an ability issue or a willingness issue and address it. Sometimes, hard questions have to be asked and answered. My job is to assist that agent in finding their way. The path isn’t always smooth and flat.”

Donald is a 33 year veteran in the real estate industry in Houston, Texas. He has held nearly every position that exists in real estate from salesperson to Broker/Owner of his own 65+ agent office. He has production awards, his offices have won awards, and the agents he has worked with over the years have won awards as well. He is a radio personality in Houston, Texas, having hosted radio shows for 15 years, he has trained thousands at the local real estate school for 17 years and has mentored and coached hundreds of agents since opening his RE/MAX office in 1996. He now turns his attention to his passion of coaching and assisting any agent who has a desire to get to the next level, whether it is the newbie just getting started, the two year veteran who can’t find the way that works for them, or the successful sole-proprietor or team looking to conquer the next peak.