Jenna Woods- Professional Coach

Jenna’s enthusiasm, infectious positivity, and passion for people have carried her into a  unique and successful real estate career, and now into a role as a highly gifted coach. Her passion is people. She loves to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and to achieve their business goals.

Jenna has been selling real estate for over 7 years. She is a top producer in her area and has build her business on strategic marketing, strong communication skills and pure effort. She has won multiple awards for being in the top 10% in her region. She stands out in the real estate industry and was quickly able to dominate in a small ski town. Jenna is creative, direct and has a very strong intuition.

“I love the real estate industry. I love everything about it – the community, the endless opportunities, the countless hours spent with other humans needing guidance. I love the way a client trusts you – they trust you to come into their home amidst their busy life, assess their situation, guide them to their options and hold their hand until the finish line. I love how grateful they are when you provide good service and I love how much money you can make. I love that I didn’t have to go to university to find a career path. I made my own career and that makes me proud.”

This approach to Real Estate is what makes Jenna such a gifted coach. Her acute ability to understand what someone needs to find their creativity, originality and momentum in Real Estate, mixed with her unending ambition and understanding of the industry set people up for a dynamic and driven coaching relationship. To sum it up in her own words: “In all aspects of my life I am no-bull shit, outgoing, optimistic and dedicated.” Those who coach with Jenna can expect no limit to the energy, motivation, and strategy that she can inspire.


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