Minerva Macinnis – Foundations Coach

The coaching process is a natural flow for Minerva as she genuinely engages with each client, focusing and building on their strengths and individuality.   She respects and believes in her clients; that they have within themselves the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.  Minerva believes “having it all” includes actively balancing a successful career with a happy life.

Minerva’s coaching clients have her undivided, compassionate and non-judgemental attention as they work together. She understands that every client is unique, that moving forward isn’t always a straight path and she loves to celebrate their successes with them. Minerva is known for her wise honesty and sense of humour and her clients quickly come to realize what she knows from experience – that there are no outside barriers to success.

Minerva has been enjoying a busy real estate career since 2005 often achieving top 10 status in her marketplace.  She continues to embrace the future of professional real estate by taking advantage of ongoing education opportunities that keep her informed and hone her skills.  Minerva cannot say enough good about life-long learning and seeing first-hand the benefits to professionals who remain current in their field.  Her keen interest in what motivates people has led Minerva to the coaching field where she has found her niche.

Minerva’s formal education focused on business administration and she has always considered herself to be in the service industry whether her position was in administration, communication, research or business. She has perfected her skills in training, organization, listening, project planning etc through her work with various positions and research jobs related to health and community development. She is a passionate volunteer and community advocate and values every moment she spends with her family.

Most recently Minerva has obtained a MCNE® Master Certified Negotiation Expert designation and her Business Coaching Advantage Practitioner Certificate and working on her Registered Corporate Coach designation from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) from the Business Coaching Advantage Program.