Susan Delean – Foundations Coach

Based in the heart of central Toronto, Susan brings an abundance of creativity, imagination, context, and a fresh perspective to The Nature of Real Estate. Her gift as a coach is founded in her ability to connect with people in a deep and authentic way.

Susan focuses on building genuine connections with her clients, unearthing what they value most and helping them develop strategic solutions to grow their businesses. An excellent listener, Susan values the uniqueness and originality of each individual and encourages work that has personal meaning for them.

Susan sells homes in the very competitive market of downtown Toronto. She is an award winning REALTOR® known for her calm attitude, astute market and architectural knowledge, strong relationships, and exceptional negotiation skills. Enjoying assignments with maximum creative license, she treats each and every client and property with specific understanding, lending a dash of inspiration that leads to quality results.

Prior to her career in real estate, Susan owned and operated the beloved Ballenford Books, Toronto’s architecture and design bookstore, for well over a decade. It was during these years that she honed her sales skills, serving her loyal clientele from across the country. Beginning as a buyer who believed passionately in her product, her daily retail work nurtured her sales skills. At the bookstore, she gained experience in building rapport, creating trust, and ultimately selling. Her sales approach involves listening astutely to help find the appropriate path. That direct and thoughtful hands-on approach remains a cornerstone of her work as a REALTOR® today.

Susan studied dance in her youth, leaving her home in North Bay at age 11 to study at Toronto’s National Ballet School. She then graduated with an architecture degree from the University of Toronto. She has lived for the past twenty years with her husband and two children in a small, unique brick house hidden from street view among the backyard trees within the deep Annex lots. Benefiting from both her lively neighbourhood and remarkably quiet surroundings, it is her first home and is the only house in which she ever plans to live.

A mind designed with a rich, well-developed inner world, Susan has a gift for forming deep connections, noticing intangibles, posing timely questions, and creating breakthrough thinking for her coaching clients. Her approach is above all empathetic and she genuinely values, enjoys, and cares about those she works with.