Tracy Arnett – Master Coach

Rising to the top of the Real Estate field with meteoric speed, Tracy is our coach for the highly ambitious REALTOR® who knows they have what it takes to be a star performer.  

Tracy began her career 16 years ago and became one of Royal Lepage’s top 10 REALTORS® across Canada in 8 short years.

Tracy was an early adopter of the team approach to Real Estate and has built the well-known and respected team of Tracy Arnett Realty. This high performance team in not only a top producer in the competitive market of Ottawa but is known for delivering exceptional experiences to their clients and for being deeply committed to the community. Both Tracy and her team members are involved in:

• Hospice Care Ottawa
• Ottawa South Community Association
• Ottawa Opry – Amnesty International
• Habitat for Humanity

Many REALTORS® are eager to earn a coveted spot in this organization and the training and coaching that Tracy has been providing for her team is one of the keys to their success.
Like all great leaders, Tracy is a lifelong learner and her interest in coaching others comes from a passion of leading others to success.

Growing up in a large close knit family on a farm in South Eastern Ontario has built some strong characteristics in Tracy. Her determination, resourcefulness and initiative have contributed to her success not just in business but in all aspects of her life. Her competitive spirit has allowed her to thrive in hockey, golf and other endeavors. Tracy and her husband share quality time together away from the business. They have raised two daughters and now make time for each other and for the natural world both at their cottage and while travelling to unique and interesting destinations. Tracy knows that a successful life is a balance between the things that matter to you.

The ideal client for Tracy is motivated and determined to reach for the top of the real estate field. Whether you are a “solo-preneur” or building a high performance team, Tracy can show you the way. Be ready for a no-nonsense approach delivered with empathy, compassion and wit.

Tracy will provide you with the knowledge, the techniques and the perspective that have contributed to her amazing success and will work with your unique strengths and opportunities to help you build the real estate business that you deserve. Are you ready?

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