Julie Morse- Foundations Coach

Julie’s career in Real Estate has pushed the limits of what we see as possible in this industry in her success, diversity of accomplishments, and ever present passion to strengthen and promoting authenticity and ethics in the industry. Her leadership in the industry is defined by her experience in seeing it from many perspectives, and this is what establishes her as such a strong coach as well.


Julie has built a career and life that has been multifaceted in the pursuit and care for her many passions. Throughout 19 years in Real Estate, she has worked a Managing Broker and Realty Strategist, regularly been a top producer in Chicago, was a homes and lifestyle writer for the Chicago Tribune, worked as a Chicago Sun-Times Realty InSITE columnist and is now a member of the invitation-only Forbes Real Estate Council. Alongside this passionate and engaged Real Estate career, Julie is a published author, engages in a multitude of charitable projects, and has a thriving family who share her passion for nature, horseback riding, and hiking.


What establishes Julie’s Real Estate business and coaching practice as being so truly unique and admirable is her outstandingly personal approach. In her words, “as the realty industry trends ever larger and faster, it can often be challenging to maintain a personal touch- but it can be done. To me, it’s so important we focus as much on high-touch as high-tech in our work with clients.”


Those who engage in a coaching relationship with Julie will find they have the attention, support, and energy of a modern leader in the Real Estate industry. As a coach, Julie’s approach is deeply set by the unique values system and strengths of her clients, and she is always inclined to challenge those she works with to be their absolute best and stay true to what they value as important, and what gives them the energy to always aim higher.