CNE® & MCNE® Negotiation Courses

Exclusive to “The Nature of Real Estate”

Negotiation skills are fundamental to success in real estate. The CNE® and MCNE® designations show clients that you have invested significant time and effort into developing negotiation skills that will, in turn, benefit their real estate transactions.

Clients hire real estate agents to help achieve the best results possible in the sale or purchase of property.  No agent can guarantee specific results for a buyer or seller, but an agent possessing the CNE® and MCNE® designations proves that he or she is among the best trained real estate professionals in the one skill that influences the final outcome the most— negotiation!  Our goal is to raise the bar in professional representation of buyers and sellers in the real estate industry.

The CNE® and MCNE® designations clearly communicate to potential clients that you are the best-trained agent to help them meet their needs. Advanced negotiation skills will yield above-average results, resulting in more clients through referrals and direct advertising. This training program is unlike any other program in the real estate industry.

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 Learn how to become a Certified Negotiation Expert
Learn how to become a Master Certified Negotiation Expert



fri-logoThe Nature of Real Estate is excited to announce our brand new affiliation with The Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC)

What does that mean for you?

Your opportunity to achieve FRI – Fellow of The Real Estate Institute

The FRI designation elevates your status as a real estate practitioner who has acquired practical skills and knowledge as well as met nationally recognized levels of quality as well as high business standards and ethics.

The FRI designation is acknowledged by the real estate community  as a standard  of excellence and accomplishment.

Your eligibility to achieve the FRI – Fellow of The Real Estate Institute  can start by completing any two of the (CNE) Certified Negotiation Expert courses offered through The Nature of Real Estate.