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As far as my MCNE is concerned I have found it to be an incredibly valuable designation.  We all negotiate regularly whether we are aware of it or not, a simple request is often the start of a negotiation.  Some of us like to negotiate and some would prefer to avoid it at all costs.  I love to negotiate.  I don’t pay full price at the clothing store or even at my grocery store if I feel like a different price represents the value of the goods I am receiving.  And I am quite comfortable asking for what I want.  This serves me well in my real estate career and I ask for all kinds of things for my clients.  When I took my first Negotiating course with Suze I was fascinated to learn that many of my tactics had names and were used by good negotiators (I had not invented some of these tools afterall).  Understanding more consciously what I was doing and naming my process was incredibly powerful.  After a couple years I was able to get the additional courses to complete my MCNE designation and noticed how often I share my BATNA and how it serves me in my home life as well as my career.  I can also start to notice when I am personalizing things that are not personal to me which is a trap I don’t often fall into and even less now.  I can’t say enough good things about my designation.  I now wonder if Realtors should practice without any formal negotiation training at all because it is so powerful.

When I was a kid, I would know the answer to math problems, like multiplication for example, without knowing how I knew the answer.  I loved this and found it quite fabulous and easy to get through math problems other kids struggled with.

Eventually I had a teacher who convinced me I needed to slow down and learn the process so that when bigger problems arose I would have a process for tackling them if my mind just didn’t automatically come up with the correct answer.

The MCNE designation reminds me of this experience.

Some negotiations are easy and I feel incredibly competent.  However coming up against another skilled negotiator, at times when I have several deals on the go, and maybe I’m tired from a long week or have a personal situation draining me, can put me in a position where I really need to flex my negotiating muscles.  The MCNE gives me tools to fall back on and processes to follow.  I am just so incredibly grateful for meeting Suze.  And being called a Master is fun too !  : )

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