Seller’s Suite (CNE3) Curriculum

Seller’s Suite (CNE) 3 Course Description – Two Days

When you complete your Seller’s Suite, CNE3, you will receive the CNE designation and be well on your way to earning your MCNE.  You may take the CNE1,Buyer’s Suite (CNE2) and Seller’s Suite (CNE3) in any order to earn your MCNE designation.


Advanced Negotiation Techniques for Listing Salespeople – One Day

  • Learn how to manage emotions in negotiations
  • Identify the key emotional factors that can derail a negotiation
  • Manage these factors effectively throughout the negotiation on both sides of the table
  • Discover how to create value in a real estate negotiation for the seller
  • Learn how to claim value in a real estate negotiation for the seller
  • Identify how to handle irrational negotiators on both sides of the table
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively from a position of weakness on the seller’s side of the table
  • Discover how to handle the most difficult negotiations in real estate both WITH the seller and FOR the seller
  • learn how to win more listing presentations
  • Establish how you can understand the persuasion cycle and apply advanced persuasion techniques

Cultural Factors in Real Estate Negotiations – Half Day

  • Understanding various cultural factors in negotiations can be the key to reaching a satisfactory agreement. Without these crucial considerations, negotiators could sabotage their own successful outcome without realizing it.

Negotiating Across Different Generations – Half Day

  • Negotiating Across Different Generations in Real Estate will help agents who are dealing with clients and colleagues from four distinct generational groups: Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y or Millennials.

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The Nature of Real Estate is excited to announce our brand new affiliation with The Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC)

What does that mean for you?

Your opportunity to achieve FRI – Fellow of The Real Estate Institute

The FRI designation elevates your status as a real estate practitioner who has acquired practical skills and knowledge as well as met nationally recognized levels of quality as well as high business standards and ethics.

The FRI designation is acknowledged by the real estate community  as a standard  of excellence and accomplishment.

Your eligibility to achieve the FRI – Fellow of The Real Estate Institute  can start by completing any two of the (CNE) Certified Negotiation Expert courses offered through The Nature of Real Estate.