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I have been dealing with an offer for 3 weeks now on a residential property with a very competitive agent. My MCNE skills, I truly believe, are what got this offer accepted. I dealt with this in a totally different way to what I have before. Stand after stand I simply did not argue, BATNA, that I may not have recognized and used before, asking more questions and offering a bigger piece of the pie! My clients were super impressed at what they felt was a very different way to get the job done. Just needed to say thank you!

~Sue Burnett, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage


I’ve had my real estate sales license for 12 years and have done very well growing my business to date.  The course provided me with the necessary tools to take my skill set to the next level.  Some of the concepts I was already cognizant of and I was executing well but there were significant learning opportunities that have shed a whole new light on the art of negotiations.  I feel like I have a new tool box with me that will solve and provide me with the key to bringing parties together successfully and effectively, as well as recognizing when there simply is not a deal to be had.  I was bursting with enthusiasm to try out my new skills and have been doing so at every opportunity.  I strategically think through the negotiations, measuring my client’s power and ascertaining as much information about the other side.  It’s now my practice to schedule a strategy meeting with my clients where we discuss our approach to negotiations.  In these strategy sessions, I’ve seen my clients realize the incredible value that a well-trained Realtor brings to them.  Most recently, I worked with a client who is a lawyer on the sale and purchase of her next home.  She was fascinated and impressed by the information and strategy I recommended in both of these transactions.  In her sale, we were able to attain a sale price well over our most optimistic goal.  It was the way I managed the negotiations (identifying and naming the other side’s tactics & deploying counter- tactics all while being collaborative) and the information I had been able to ascertain about the buyers that she was so impressed with.

In the middle of a strong sellers’ market we successfully negotiated $20,000 worth of extras into her purchase in a brand new development where we had been told the developer did not negotiate.

I have at times in the past struggled when conveying my value proposition to clients.  Not anymore, I believe in my value and it’s easy for me to explain to potential clients the difference between a well-trained negotiator and everyone else in our industry.  I highly recommend this course to any Realtors who are serious about their business and want to give the best service to their clients.

-Janet Rathbun, RE/MAX Performance Realty, BC



Awesome and Educational.  A must do for any REALTOR® interested in doing great things for their clients

  –Jeffrey Sefton, Sutton West Coast

Email is becoming a huge part of our business and this course addresses how to use it very effectively 

-David Crawford, Remax Select


Thanks Suze, Things are so good. The MCNE® course was a turning point for me and the way I run my business. I have made an additional $50,000+ this year, just because of the way I speak and negotiate.

Rachel Pasemko-Almaas, Re/max Vernon


Just wanted to thank you and tell you that taking your MCNE course has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I don’t think I was a horrible negotiator, but I wasn’t as confident as I would have liked. Since taking your training, I’ve become a stronger negotiator and most importantly…..I trust and believe in myself. Thank you, for helping me deliver my clients a better version of “Jen the Agent”!! Just this month I’ve gotten 3 firm offers, 1 conditional, 1 under negotiations and 2 new listings!

-Jenniffer Alvarenga, Century 21 Action Power Team Ltd, Ottawa

As a busy agent in the top levels of the market, it can be tough to justify taking time away for a seminar, especially in the hottest season of sales. But this is just what I recommend you do!

I have just taken the entire syllabus of CNE I, II, and the MCNE, and the “sacrifice” of time was exponentially rewarded! Returning home, I am renewed and empowered, and the negotiation skills that Suze Cumming expertly taught me have already been put to use in the space of three days, resulting in two unconditional offers!

Thank you Suze, for sharing your valuable techniques. I will study the detailed course materials that you generously gave us, until it becomes like breathing….B.A.T.N.A. breathing!

It’s exciting to know that the worry isn’t there anymore. I can ask a client for a price reduction, or negotiate an offer successfully, knowing that I have the right questions and skills!   Sincerely,

– Marilyn Ball, JONESco Real Estate Inc. Victoria, British Columbia

This is by far the best class and most professional group ever


Jessica Chan & Associates. RE/MAX (Mountain View)

If you want to upgrade your skills, be competitive, help more people; I encourage you to invest in yourself and let Suze facilitate your growth experience, you won’t regret it! My mindset and education has been greatly enhanced.

– Dennis Kiffiak, REMAX Little Oak Realty, Surrey BC

I am back to work this morning having spent four energy filled days with an extraordinary group of realtors from across Canada.  Not only was the content and delivery of the MCNE course so very valuable in sharpening my skills as a skilled professional, I was able to build valuable networking relationships that will no doubt build my business.  Thank you Suze for sharing your skills and experience.

– Lyndi Cruickshank REALTOR®

Obtaining my MCNE has been not only mind-opening but instantly invaluable in my real estate business. However the experience of being in a learning environment with so many top producing agents eagerly dedicated to learn the techniques to better negotiating was both truly inspiring and amazing! These folks are now my friends and mentors and I am forever grateful!

– Tony Wick, Remax Camosun Victoria & Director Victoria Real Estate Board

I love the insights you provided in the MCNE® course. It’s amazing how smoothly things go when I make an effort to work collaboratively! Removing conditions on my third smooth deal this month!

Terry Hesp, Sutton Group – Canwest, Calgary Alberta.

I feel these negotiations courses have enhanced my ability to negotiate. I highly recommend the RENI® to all agents who care to give the best services possible to their clients.

Dawn Fisher

Thank you so much for the opportunity to become an MCNE®. The classes and workbooks are invaluable. I have already applied some of the skills not only to our business, but with family over the holidays! It is so empowering to have a BATNA in life, and look for underlining value. It makes one able to view situations with more objectivity, less emotion and additional grace all the way around. May God continue to bless you and your work.

Johanna Molloy


I have always believed a well-planned negotiation strategy was the key that let in the light, opened the doors to logic and reason, and produced the best results possible. The CNE® designation is the single, most important class I have taken. The MCNE® is the most useful and valuable designation I carry. Having a proven system that can be duplicated over and over is a true gift.

Tom Shafer

The MCNE® designation is essential for challenging negotiations. I now have the skills to be prepared for working with any situation my real estate business brings to me. Thanks for providing such an excellent set of courses that cover all aspects of negotiations.

Bryant Davis

I use many aspects of all the MCNE® classes every day. I am a believer, and what an honor to be among the first 72 graduates.

Karal Cox

Thank you so much for my newly acquired negotiating skills! I am so excited to say I put my ninja negotiating skills to use today and I LOVE it! My seller received a less-than-desirable offer on his home and as, you know, emotions run high at this point. My seller was on the proverbial ledge and about to jump, but I was able to negotiate with him and avert a free fall– and I managed to save the contract! His home is now S-O-L-D. I so look forward to being able to utilize these new skills in all areas of my life, business and personal. There is just a certain feeling of being empowered when you help someone achieve their own goals through the art of negotiation.

Toni McIntyre

Thank you for the great courses! The benefits of the course greatly exceeded my expectations. Not only did I improve my knowledge and skills, I also increased my understanding of the many important aspects of negotiation, which influence my real estate business on a daily basis. I have applied everything I learned to all aspects of my practice. A great example of the benefits of the MCNE® program is a recent $14 million dollar listing I obtained for a property here in New Mexico. I was more than prepared for the many complex elements involved with negotiating the listing terms and providing the necessary service to my client for their real estate goals.

Maureen Mestas

Without a doubt, the best training I have received in my 18+ years as a Realtor is the MCNE® program offered by the Real Estate Negotiation Institute.

Maggie Barduson


Having this designation REALLY catches my potential clients’ attention and with what I have been taught in your classes, it does not take long for them to start benefiting from it.

– Ralph Arbogast




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