For Mentors

Benefits for the Mentor

  • Freedom and flexibility for experienced agents who would like to work less and have a higher quality of life
  • Helps build an exit strategy through financial compensation, succession planning and personal identity evolution
  • Can offer diverse work opportunities, meaning, purpose and legacy for experienced agents
  • Great tool for team leaders to recruit and train team members
  • Financially rewarding


Becoming a Mentor

The first step in becoming a mentor is by application and interview.  The characteristics of a great mentor are not simply about real estate success.  The ideal candidate is a caring and curious individual who enjoys helping other people achieve greatness.  You are open minded and excited to learn new perspectives, new skills and new ways to achieve success in real estate.  Your current business is stable and you have the time and resources to help a mentee build their career.

Upon acceptance into the training program, you will embark on a learning journey  that will span over 2 months. This will include 5 group webinars, weekly homework assignments of 3-4 hours, working with a practice mentee throughout the program, reading and studying requirements, a one on one learning session with the mentor instructor, and a feedback and evaluation session to certify you as a Red Circle Mentor.

You will be licensed as a mentor with Red Circle Mentoring.  This gives you access to all of the training material, ongoing monthly training sessions, support for your mentoring relationships and the initial startup training program.  There is a one-time, $2500 licensing fee, and once you are mentoring you will be compensated with 20% of your mentees’ commissions. To inquire about becoming a mentor with Red Circle, email

About Us

suze-cumming-head-shotThe Red Circle Mentoring Program is the newest and best way to bring high quality learning into your brokerage.  We have a proven model, methodology and mentor training system that will see mentors from your brokerage trained in two months and mentees making their first real estate transactions in a matter of weeks – not months.

This model was developed by Suze Cumming, president of Red Circle Mentoring, founder of the Nature of Real Estate and Canadian Director of The Real Estate Negotiation Institute.  With over 31 years in the real estate industry and 1000s of top performing agents thriving on her coaching system, Suze knows what it really takes to get agents over their resistance, around their obstacles and into action in a sustainable and ethical way that will lead to high levels success.

The Red Circle Mentoring model is a game changing learning system that puts the mentee and the mentor front and center with individualized business plans, individualized solutions and a nonlinear learning path that can be adapted to the unique needs of the mentee.  On the job training is crucial in real estate but without the right tools, guidance and support, things go sideways quickly.


What Is Mentoring?

It differs from training and coaching is a number of significant ways.

Mentoring is a powerful relationship in which the mentor uses their experience, perspective, and the mentoring model to lead an mentee to success through skills development, accountability and empowerment.

The learning is in the hands of the individuals, using their unique strengths and skills and built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust.

The outcome is measurable success for both mentor and mentee.

For Brokers, Mentoring is a

  • Powerful Recruitment Tool
  • Increases retention of experienced agents and their clients
  • Increased Productivity of mentee and mentor
  • Fantastic team development tool
  • In house, high quality coaching and training program that you don’t need to manage


Becoming a Mentee

Benefits for the Mentee

  • High quality one-on-one coaching, training, and support without fixed monthly costs
  • Strong sense of belonging and support within the brokerage
  • Excellent odds of success in real estate, quickly


 Becoming a Mentee

The first step in joining the program as a Mentee is to submit your name to Red Circle Mentoring, your managing broker or a mentor in your brokerage.  You will be introduced to a potential mentor and have an interview with them.  This is an opportunity for the two of you to determine if there is a good match and if a mentoring relationship should be established.

Once a mentoring relationship is accepted by both the mentor and the mentee, you will enter into an agreement with the mentor setting out how you will work together.  This will include mutual expectations, frequency of communication, and understanding of the training program.  You will agree to pay 20% of your gross commissions earned during the term of the agreement to your mentor and 5% to Red Circle.  The term of the agreement is for 1 year or once you have earned $100,000 gross commission, whichever occurs first.  To submit your name to Red Circle Mentoring as a potential mentee, email

How Does It Work?

mentoring-hiow-does-it-work-accompanying-imageThe mentoring relationship is foundational to this model.  The mentor must be an experienced and successful real estate professional who has been certified by Red Circle Mentoring in the important skills of facilitating potential in their mentee and proficient in delivering the Red Circle Mentoring training program proven to be the best in the real estate industry.

The mentee must be a willing and motivated individual who is committed to success in real estate.  The ideal mentee must possess the drive to succeed and the mindset to learn.  The mentoring relationship will help to unlock their natural abilities, learn the essential skills of real estate, overcome barriers and successfully complete real estate transactions quickly – but only if they do the work.

The mentoring relationship is for 12 months or $100,000 in gross commissions earned by the mentee, whichever comes first.  The mentoring fee is 25% of the mentees’s commissions.  In the event that the mentor and the mentee wish to continue the mentoring relationship after the completion of the term, they may advance to the mentor 2.0 program which is a monthly fee rather than a percentage of commission.

Why Red Circle?


To evolve the professionalism of the Real Estate industry by helping real estate professionals build strong businesses that deliver exceptional experiences and outstanding results to their clients.

We will do this by offering the highest quality coaching, mentoring and training methods in North America through experienced realtors, certified mentors and coaches and professional trainers.



We help real estate professionals build exceptional businesses by creating an environment where they can use their natural strengths and values to reach their full potential faster and with less resistance.

Our mentors are successful realtors and entrepreneurs.  They understand the real estate business inside and out. They know the tangible skills and they know the nuances of overcoming the discomforts of entrepreneurship.  Simply put, we walk our talk.

Our values are:  excellence, integrity, congruency and empathy


Jeremy Reid

Jeremy Reid, Legacy Real Estate Team, Kamloops

Being a part of the New Mentorship program with Suze has been so much fun and a huge asset to my business. The program is laid out perfectly with a focus on the important concepts and foundations of mentoring rather then a step by step process. Although there is guidance and a structure, it's flexible enough to adapt to any Mentee and help them achieve real results. I currently Mentor 3 Agent's and have a 4th starting shortly. All of my Mentee's have different strengths and weaknesses, but also a different method and business plan in place to help them achieve their goals. They are all excelling rapidly. One of my Mentee's sold more in her first month with us then she did in her 7 month career prior to joining up.

I feel being a Mentor is a huge asset to my business for 2 reasons. Number one, I am growing a Team and Mentoring allows me to have a testing ground for New Agents to not only help them start their business and gain their loyalty over the long haul, but also it is an excellent recruiting tool as I get to spend 12 months with each Agent before committing to offering them a position on my Team. That means that I get to see how they interact with myself and handle the stresses of the business, but also get to see the dynamic of how they interact with my Team and any bad habits that they may bring forward that need to be addressed. It's perfect!

The second big asset that I didn't expect, was that being a Mentor is the perfect way to help wain off the tendency to get complacent. It also creates an amazing atmosphere of collaboration and gets you out of your own thought patterns. There is no better way to tap back in to young, hungry energy then to mentor a young man or woman who is starting out and is in the sink or swim phase of their business. They also have no preconceived notions about the business so their ideas are usually fresh and from an unbiased perspective. I regularly set competitions with my Mentee's whether it be challenges on business development calls, open house conversions or basic farming tactic competition. Not only does it benefit them for motivation, but it gets myself and my Team motivated to make the calls and do the things we know we should.

I highly recommend the Mentorship program to any Realtor who wants a boost in their own business, but also to anyone who genuinely wants to guide and Mentor a young Agent and would find excitement in watching their successes. I believe that there is something to be said for the feeling of receiving that excited text or call from a New Agent who just closed their first deal and want to thank you for making it happen. You'll be addicted real quick!

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Jacquie Friesen

Jacquie Friesen, Remax, Vernon

I am having so much fun mentoring! I was thrilled to be selected by my broker for this program. Working with you, Suze, inspires me to utilize new perspectives. This is a refreshing, organic personal approach to growing an individual's business in the ways that make best sense for them. The training sessions are fabulous, very thorough with lots of good support and materials. It is extremely satisfying to see such positive changes taking place for my mentee and having her thank me(!) for the actioning steps that have lead her there. She has made six transactions in less than three months!

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Charlie Veaudry

Charlie Veaudry, Remax, Vernon

The Mentor training and working with the mentoring program has been a great experience. The program provides great tools that help me share what I have learned and help others get a great start. I find this personally rewarding. I’ve also learned new things and been reminded of some basics that have helped me in my own business. All-in-all, a great win-win arrangement.

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