CNE Online – Testimonials


Thought provoking, informative and current. I would highly recommend it. It was very engaging

Jane Weatherhead

I’ve done Suze’s negotiation courses both online and in class and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned during the online class. It was nice to be able to take the class in shorter segments. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am thrilled to have completed all the courses.

Nancy Cerelli

The CNE1 Online course was exceptional. The online version eliminated many of the distractions one would find in a normal seminar format. I strongly encourage any professional agent to take this course so that you can enhance your negotiation skills.

Patrick Kelly

I never knew online learning could be this informative and productive. Such a great experience, so efficient and learned so much. Thank You Suze.

Sarah Fangrad

As a seasoned agent, I was surprised at how much I picked up of value, really great group of students with diverse experience and views and excellent instruction.

Noemi Klaudia

Incredibly valuable information adapted very well to an online platform. Interactive options keep the course fun, informative, and focused. So much content to read through after but generally the principals have really brought awareness and increased knowledge to negotiations even though I have been doing this for 15 years. Would definitely recommend and take again.

Jessica Hellard

I initially was looking for a course to take for the “self directed” portion of our professional development requirement. I was so impressed with the valuable and extremely relevant content. Suze is incredibly engaging and knowledgeable and I look forward to taking the next two components as well

Noemi Klaudia

Great online course. Suze is a great coach. She is very crisp & clear with her examples.

Ramvir Ahlawat

This was a very useful and informative course. It was nice to do it in the comfort of my home while also being able to have live participation.

Kathleen Sturba

The CNE1 Online course was exceptional. The online version eliminated many of the distractions one would find in a normal seminar format. I strongly encourage any professional agent to take this course so that you can enhance your negotiation skills.

Susan Lee Rogrigues

Great course! It has given me great tools and has helped me improve my skills that will allow me to have better outcomes for my clients.

Eduardo Andrade

The only course to take if you want to get your negotiation skills to the next level when representing Buyers. Loved it! Can’t wait to take CNE3

Jeremy Semple

The CNE1 course was great, and having a great high level negotiator as a teacher is extra helpful, someone who really is IN the business. With lots of experience. I learned a lot from this course and am looking forward to the others! I gained some new negotiation knowledge I am looking forward to implementing in my business.

Jessica Yates

I feel this course has great value for both the seasoned professional as well as a new agent. Some of these things I do automatically just through experience, but it was nice to learn some context and nuances to the other negotiation styles, as well as some strategies that I can use moving forward to offer more value to my clients.

Name Goes Here

Amazing course! Strongly recommend to agents that want to enhance their negotiation skills.

Amir Shojaee

I felt totally comfortable participating even though I am a “new” realtor. I learned so much and will use the tools moving forward.

Cathy Noel

Great content! Definitely one of the most enjoyable and useful courses I have taken. I took away some awesome tools and education that I can apply to my business on a daily basis moving forward.

Stacey Winn

The learning style was fun. Education is really not that hard after all. The role playing part is a must-experience, the empathy for the other party helps one to appreciate the other party on the negotiation table and goes to show how collaboration is key.

Chioma Ihezor

Perfectly paced online course with amazing value. Every time I complete one of Suze’s CNE courses, I feel more inspired to be better at what I do.

Jenny Maycock

I would strongly recommend this course, especially the online version. Suze is very engaging and the material is interesting, and due to the course being spread out over 4 days for only 2.5 hr sessions it was easy to stay focused. I really enjoy how the online course allows me to meet out of town realtors, and gain a wider exposure of what others are experiencing throughout Canada!

Mariko Baerg

The online platform for this course brings so much value! It’s less distracting than a classroom setting, and allows for a new cross-country perspective which is awesome.

Ashleigh Lyall

I have found this course to be by far the most valuable one I have taken. Suze was great at breaking everything down and making sure everyone came away with a true understanding of the material…. as well as giving us real life examples and tricks we can apply to our day to day experiences.

Lesley Cross

Great course, great series! Suze really knows what she is talking about, and is great at presenting the information in a clear and concise way that is easy to digest. Regardless of whether you’re a new agent or experienced one, I believe there is value for every type of agent in this course.   (add an online bit)

Mariko Baerg

I have done quite a lot of courses for real estate and on other related topics and have many years of experience but I think this course is right at the top. Well presented, great facilitator and very good value! I am looking forward to the next one.

Cathy Burton

I really enjoyed this CNE Module learning more about different ages, cultures and how it can affect the way we negotiate for Sellers. The course is well organized and the information has already been used in my some of my negotiations.

Jeremy McGraw

Great take away information! The Zoom online course was effective and had more value than in-person classroom setting

Karen Bowman

Such a good use of time via Zoom, seamless. Suze you’re so knowledgeable and well versed in all the courses, learnt some great new things and practiced a lot of things I thought I knew but had forgotten. Thank you for making this virtual.

Allie Remple

Was a great learning platform to meet agents from all over the country and get different points of view. Love the online learning.

Ivana Smolcic

10 out of 10 Awesome.

Monica Gupta

Excellent course. Not just fantastic tools for negotiating but great insight into the human psyche and the psychology behind negotiation.

Josey Vogels

I really enjoyed this course! After 11 years in business I learned A LOT about how to be a better, more-skilled negotiator to help serve my clients more effectively 🙂

Jessica Hammell

I am so happy to have taken this course. I have learned to think differently and be more conscientious regarding how I speak and connect with clients and even in my personal life. A fantastic way of learning, really thinking outside the box with very educational course material. Thank you for the opportunity.

Sarah Fangrad

I really like this course, the information and skills are valuable in every conversation you will ever have. Great dynamic with working with agents from all around the country and with different backgrounds and experiences.

Cory Bialecki

 Thank you Suze and Ali! This course was a lot of fun! Go forwarding I will use what I learned from this course in my business. Very informative! I highly recommend taking this course! The course was online and over Zoom. You guys did a great job! I liked the breakout groups!

Sandy Cruickshank