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The CNE1 Course is now available online, to Canadian Agents living outside of Greater Victoria, Greater Vancouver, or Greater Toronto.


take the cne1 online

Since we brought the CNE designation to Canada, we’ve seen agents across the country benefit greatly from this negotiation training, flying from all corners of the country to master the art of real estate negotiations.

This fall, we’re making it more accessible by presenting the course in a 4 day online format.

We’ve mastered online learning through the Advanced Negotiation workshop, our coach training program, and with custom educational programs that we’ve designed for top brokerages across the country.


Now we’re bringing our most popular course online.


Countdown to the First Ever CNE1 Online








The Inaugural Group

Starting September 24th, join us for the first ever group to take the CNE Online.

This inaugural group will be half the size of a standard class, with a limit of 25 participants, meaning more engagement, more one on one time with Suze, and a higher bar of learning. 

Think of it like a hybrid between our Advanced Negotiation Workshop (priced at $1000) and the CNE course. 

If you’re comfortable being an early adapter, this is a great opportunity.

How It Works Online

-The course will consist of four 2.5 hour sessions. 2 per week for 2 weeks:

September 24th, September 26th, October 1st, October 3rd

-Before beginning, each participant will take a survey so that we can make curated breakout groups  that you will work in throughout the course

– Lessons will be hosted over Zoom, a video conferencing platform that enables multiple communication channels, break out rooms, recording of the lessons, and lots of participation

-To maintain the high bar of the CNE designation, we will monitor everyone’s engagement. Participation, attendance, and passing the course end test are necessary to achieve the CNE designation


Topics Covered:


  • Competitive Win-Lose Hard Bargaining vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiating – Understand the differences in these two classic approaches and learn how to use both approaches to get the best outcome for your client and yourself
  • Psychology of Buying — Learn how the brain makes purchase decisions and how you can impact both sides of the brain in the decision-making process
  • Persuasion Principles — Discover scientifically proven persuasion approaches that increase your success rate for influencing others. Includes scripts for real estate negotiation situations that utilize these proven persuasion approaches
  • CNE Model and Planning Guide — Learn how to proactively plan your real estate negotiations for success
  • Case Studies — See how these principles and approaches are applied in real estate negotiation situations in a variety of markets
  • Skill Practice — Get a chance to practice your new skills in a safe environment that will increase your success in the real world
  • Group Discussion Topics — Innovative and creative approaches are discussed by small and large groups, helping you take your business to new levels