Certified Coach Training

Earn your Accredited Real Estate Coach Certification

Coaching isn’t telling someone what to do. It’s creating the environment for the coachee to reach their full potential and excel towards their desired goals.  

Human beings are complex creatures and what holds us back is unique to everyone. Great coaches have the skills to get clients over their stuckness, facing their reality and getting into action.

This program is ideal for team leaders, broker managers, or anyone wanting to add coaching to their roster of services. Quality coaching is incredibly rewarding for both the coach and the coachee and gaining these skills can be life changing.

Another group that I know would really benefit from this training is REALTORS® who want to change their game completely. This is the ultimate self-coaching program. Many previous students of this program have gone on to improve their real estate business exponentially because of the learning in this course.    Yes, it’s a big promise but I’ve seen it with my own eyes and experienced it first-hand.

This is an intense three-day course in August. We accept a maximum of 12 students so you can be assured of a very high-quality learning experience.  

It is recommended that you have a conversation with Suze prior to registering to establish if this is a good fit for you.   

Change your life and change the lives of others. 

Click here to view the course syllabus.

Cost is $2990.

Course Dates August 21/22/23

11am – 6pm ET
8am – 3pm PT