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Our summer session of the Coach Training course will begin October 31st. We have recently opened this course up to those outside the Nature of Real Estate, and so far it's aligning to have incredible participants. You can expect a highly engaging, dynamic, and participatory course with a combination of classwork, homework, peer coaching, one-to-one mentoring, and the option to work with a practice client throughout the course. In addition to coaching skills, we will teach our coaching model for you to use, and methodology around building a coaching business and using coaching skills as a leader in Real Estate.

Time Commitment

During the 8 weeks of the course, plan to spend at least 3 hours a week working on coursework. This will include the minimum of attending webinars, reading, and working with your practice client. The more time you put in, the more you take out.

Certification and feedback cycle

After completing the feedback cycle and graduating this course, you will receive the Nature of Real Estate coaching certification.

The feedback cycle includes making a recording with your practice client, re-listening to it and making notes on what works well and places to improve, as well as observing your own use of the coaching tools and skills, and then meeting with the course instructor to review your recording, and draft a plan for continued learning.

In addition, there will be an end of course assignment to reflect on your skill as a coach.

Continuing Learning

We hold bi-monthly skills labs open to anyone who has completed our coach training. This is an opportunity to deepen your skills, bring up challenges, and engage with a community of Real Estate coaches.

Building a Coaching Business

We’ve seen that coaches who actively engage with building their coaching practices are better coaches for Realtors because they can relate to the business building that they are supporting their coaching clients in doing. There are many ways to build a strong coaching practice and we will guide you with the tools, strategies, and approaches that have worked well for others.

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