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cne courses

Viet Do, Sutton Premier Realty, Surrey, BC

It was such a great course. I really learned a lot from it. One of the reasons that I decided to take the CNE® course was that negotiations were the one part of real estate that I did not particularly enjoy. I think a lot of agents, myself included, thought that real estate negotiations always had to be competitive and that the more competitive we were and our ability to use competitive tactics more effectively meant we were the better negotiator. After taking the CNE® course, I am excited to use my new found knowledge to make negotiation a purposeful and enjoyable aspect of real estate.

Trevor Bond, Bosley Real Estate

Suze’s dynamic personality and endless energy convey the essence of the material in a way that makes it engaging, entertaining and fun.  Her creativity and real-life experiences brought the content to life and make it real, tangible and usable.  The experience was poignant and insightful.  I learned more than I expected and her voice in now part of my toolbox.

Tracy Arnett, Tracy Arnett Realty Ltd. Brokerage, Ottawa, ON

Having been in the business for the past 16 years and owning my own brokerage for the past 9 years, I am always looking for courses to enhance my skills as a top Realtor/broker. Suze’s in-depth knowledge of real estate transactions, combined with the practical examples used throughout the course, made it easy to understand the intricacies of and uses for the techniques that we learned over the two days. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or new to the business, there is a lot to garner from this excellent two-day course. I feel fortunate to have taken this course, and the accreditation earned adds more to our professionalism as REALTORS®.

Tori Wright, RE/MAX Hallmark Realty, Toronto, ON

Course was valuable and sharpened my negotiating skills in a way that I will use in my day-to-day business.

Tony Wick, Century 21 Queenswood, Victoria, BC

Obtaining my MCNE has been not only mind-opening but instantly invaluable in my real estate business. However the experience of being in a learning environment with so many top producing agents eagerly dedicated to learn the techniques to better negotiating was both truly inspiring and amazing! These folks are now my friends and mentors and I am forever grateful!

Tom Bosley, President, Bosley Real Estate Ltd.

I can tell the people who have taken Suze’s workshops just from the spring in their step, the sparkle in their eye and the pile of trade records on my desk.

Tom Bosley, President- Bosley Real Estate Ltd.
I can tell the people who have taken Suze’s workshops just from the spring in their step, the sparkle in their eye, and the pile of trade records on my desk.

Todd Smith, Remax Nova, Dartmouth, NS

I’ve gone to Ferry, Robbins, Leader and Buffini. Buffini is now number two while The Nature of Real Estate takes top spot with me.  Thanks for the CNE® course, Suze.

Terry Hesp, Sutton Group – Canwest, Calgary, AB

I love the insights you provided in the MCNE® course. It’s amazing how smoothly things go when I make an effort to work collaboratively! Removing conditions on my third smooth deal this month!

Tania Carlisle, Royal LePage West Real Estate Services, Coquitlam, BC

For the first time in a long time, I walked away from a training day feeling like I had opened up another chapter of my mind! I realized that while I had already been doing much of what was taught, I had never actually labelled it. I hadn’t considered how, or why, all of these emotions occurred and how they influenced my business.

It was fascinating to watch both new and old Realtors battle it out and dissect their own personality types and daily ways (and errors!) of managing particular situations.

I had never realized that, in my own business, I tended to enter negotiations in a collaborative way, later escalating to the competitive approach, and eventually returning back to the collaborative approach. It was so fun to recognize and identify my own practices. It was also GREAT to share laughs with colleagues– Lord knows we all need more of that in this business!

Thank you so much. See you in the late autumn!

Suzanne Jenkins, Royal LePage Connect Realty, ON

A must-take, especially if you care about getting the best deal for yourself and your clients.

Sue Machado, Re/Max Real Estate Center, Cambridge, ON

I found the CNE course really helped build my confidence when it came to negotiating with the different personality types, discussing buyer rep agreements with people and really listening to their needs. Suze really helped with distinguishing between different people and what approach works with them. How to LISTEN to what a buyer/seller is saying to you. The persuasion approach is something that I found to be really helpful.

Overall, I think that whether you are a seasoned agent or a brand new agent, you can learn something from this two-day course.

Sue Burnett, RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc., Brokerage

I have been dealing with an offer for 3 weeks now on a residential property with a very competitive agent. My MCNE skills, I truly believe, are what got this offer accepted. I dealt with this in a totally different way to what I have before. Stand after stand I simply did not argue, BATNA, that I may not have recognized and used before, asking more questions and offering a bigger piece of the pie! My clients were super impressed at what they felt was a very different way to get the job done. Just needed to say thank you!

Steve Throndson, Calgary, AB

Suze did an exceptional job in showing us the importance of being a strong negotiator for our business and the benefit of our clients. She was very knowledgeable and entertaining too. I felt that we were learning from the best.

Stefani Konidis, Chestnut Park Real Estate, Toronto, ON

The CNE course was absolutely informative and well worth the price of admission! The tools presented and how it was presented made it easy to reconstruct and use on a daily basis when dealing with clients and other realtors.”

Shirley Brown, Royal LePage Coronation West, BC

I would definitely recommend this course to other agents.  It will make you stand above the crowd.  It will give you a competitive edge in the market. Great presenter made the course extremely enjoyable.

Shelley Mann, Re/Max Camosun, Victoria, BC

A must do.  One of the best training sessions I have done.  Suze was a fabulous facilitator. You can tell she is very passionate about what she teaches and makes it very interesting for us to learn.  I can’t believe I sat for 2 days and wasn’t bored for one minute.”

Shelby Bouchard, RE/MAX Vernon

This last course with Suze in Vancouver was CNE 3 and it was my final course before achieving the MCNE designation. It’s really hard to describe just how helpful these courses have been for my business. They have been nothing short of transformative. It also helps in life, and it’s great to take a course that really transcends business lines and into the personal side as well. I have been able to connect with my clients better, make better relationships with the local agents I work with, and have greatly impressed those I’ve worked for with my newfound attention to detail when it comes to negotiating terms on their behalf. I really think this should be required learning for realtors. Dealing with other CNE and MCNE agents makes life much easier. I’m very thankful to Suze and to you for the opportunity to take this course. Thank you!

Shaun Billingsley, Royal LePage, North Bay, ON
I just had to say, it is probably the most realistic, helpful and honest sales course that I have taken in 30 years.
Forget HYPE, forget Just think Positive, Suze shows how to get results.
An amazing learning experience for me and cannot wait for the next CNE course in Toronto.

Shalini Bahadur, Royal Lepage Terrequity Realty, Thornhill, ON

Insightful is an understatement about the CNE Negotiation Course.  The most practical negotiation I’ve taken – Specific to real estate with Canadian Content

Sandra Masales, Royal Lepage Advance Realty, Campbell River

This is very important information for everyone who is serious about their career – practice these skills!  Suze, you are awesome and amazing and so knowledgeable.  Thank you

Sam Soukas, Re/Max Hallmark Realty Ltd, Toronto, ON

We were all so thrilled to have spent those two days with you for the negotiation course. We all learned so much and I personally feel that I am now consciously aware of the process of negotiations both inside and outside of my real estate business. I am definitely more deliberate in my conversations and I am using the tools that we learned and getting great outcomes. In a listing appointment last week, I talked about my negotiation skills and my CNE® designation. The client was noticeably impressed and this segued well into a conversation about multiple offer strategies. I look forward to using these skills at every opportunity.

Ryan Smith, Community Partners Inc. – Calgary, AB

Of the courses I have taken at CREB, I thought yours was the best value in terms of money spent, course content, and your engaging teaching style.

Rosemarie Colterman, Royal Lepage Coast Capital Realty

It is not often that I give 100% top-scoring  (5 out of 5) on an evaluation.  This course was 100% excellent and taught perfectly.