Group Negotiation Coaching

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Small Group Negotiation Coaching

$395 per month.

(The first 10 registrants receive a special price of $295 for life).

The fastest way to the top of any field is by being excellent at what you do and in real estate, being excellent means getting exceptional results for your clients. This comes from high level negotiation skills.   

In this 3 times a month coaching program, you’ll master the skills, build your confidence and learn in real time, how to overcome objections in real estate.   We will cover everything from having meaningful conversations with prospective clients right through to closing the transaction. Nothing is out of bounds in this program.

You’ll get Suze, raw and real.
No filters.

Participants bring their challenges and role play the scenario with Suze as the agent. No other coach in real estate has the courage to step into these reality situations. You’ll get to see and hear how Suze uses language, persuasion and negotiation principles to shift perspectives and get to Yes.   

Each session will be one hour long. After each reality scenario, Suze will debrief the experience reflecting on which negotiation principles were applied.  This intense debrief will ensure that your learning extends well beyond the scenario being studied. 

People always ask Suze how she came to get such powerful skills in negotiation and the answer is simple: practice.

Lots of deliberate, meaningful practice is the only way to master complex skills.   

The CNE or AREN designation is a pre-requisite to the AREC Certification Course.

Join us for this never before offered coaching opportunity. Registration is limited. 

There will be three sessions per month and the dates and times of these sessions will be set on or before the 25th day of the previous month.
If you are unable to attend any session, there will be a recording made available to you.