Learn cutting edge skills
required for true success
in Real Estate.

Buying or Selling a home is a complex and emotional experience.
With multiple parties in play, conflicting interests, money, power
and personalities all in the mix, navigating and successfully closing
a deal is anything but straightforward.   

Explore courses

Two new courses on The Art of Dealmaking just released for Fall 2022. These are live on line interactive courses with limited registration.

Dealmaking – Elite
is for real estate people that have previous negotiation training.

“Relevant. Suze has done it again, and developed a course which is relevant to the current real estate market conditions. Great learning experience.”

$249. Discounts for Pairs and Teams. Courses typically sell out so register early.

December 13th and 14th.

Noon – 2:30pm ET 9:00am – 11:30am PT

Dealmaking – Foundations
is for real estate people with no formal negotiation training.

“What a great course, so much valuable information! Suze’s energy, positive attitude and knowledge really gave me a different perspective on Dealmaking in Real Estate. Would highly recommend it for anyone!”

$199 – Discounts for pairs and teams

December 15th and 16th

Noon – 2:30pm ET 9:00am – 11:30 am PT

The Art of Dealmaking

More than Negotiations: analyzing issues, building collaboration, creative problem solving, masterful communication, and of course negotiations. Dealmaking is an art form. 

Strategic Thinking

Learn critical thinking skills to solve complex problems in effective ways to gain a competitive advantage – for you and for your clients.


The entrepreneurial nature of real estate requires advanced leadership skills. Whether you are a broker/manager, team leader, team member or solo agent, your ability to motivate and inspire others is critical to your success.

CNE and MCNE Update

We no longer offer the CNE and the MCNE courses. Moving forward we will be focused on efficient, effective, small group training and one-on-one coaching to REALTORS® who believe that a highly ethical path is the only sustainable route to success.  We’ve found that the quality of education is much higher in this context, and because we are committed to only providing the best for our students, we are no longer offering designations. If you are new to the business and funds are a barrier to you, please apply here for a partial or full scholarship for our courses.  

“Amazing course and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their negotiation skills.”

Kristy Armani, Century 21, Marham ON.

“Unbelievable. By far, the best combination of courses you can take out there.” 

Matt Plunkett, Re/Max Hallmark Realty

“The MCNE courses gave me invaluable knowledge and skills to help me in my business and personal life.”

Joanna Maroussis, Re/Max West

“As a new realtor I would highly recommend this course. In four short mornings my professional confidence has increased ten fold. I now know I am worth what I have to offer and have a clear sense of why. “

Michelle Johnson, Re/max Vernon BC

“This CNE1 course was informative and very helpful. Suze is a fabulous, knowledgable and fun facilitator. I have signed up to do the next two.”

Tina Hubicki, Bosley Real Estate, Toronto

“It was a great course and very eye opening! It helped me see my strengths and weakness as an agent and gave me a lot of tools to use going forward!”

Amanda McDermid, Re/Max Kamloops

“As a 20 year plus vet of the industry I found the course very insightful. Suze is an amazing instructor and is very engaging.”

Scott Mayne, Re/Max Kelowna

“The CNE 1 program was an amazingly positive experience. I would highly recommend to all realtors regardless of their time spent in the industry. Very professionally presented!”

Cornelia Shuster, Re/Max Kelowna

“I found the course to be excellent and really professional. Suze really knows her stuff!”

John Procenko, Century 21, Markham

“Suze is an amazingly effective instructor. The real estate negotiation tools, approaches, techniques and skills she provides her students are game-changers.”

Elizabeth Forster, Bosley Real Estate, Toronto

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Successful real estate agents are
accomplished dealmakers.

Our training prepares you for the complexity and pressure of high stakes dealmaking. This includes earning the right to represent a client and getting exceptional results for that client. Modelled on the Harvard Negotiation Program, our students master the complex skills of client attraction, trust building – (both cognitive and effect based), negotiations, collaborative deal making, communication, and strategic problem solving. We will teach you how to get deals done or know when to walk away.

We have developed a negotiation framework that allows you to be strategic on behalf of your clients and get the best possible outcome for them.

Outcomes from our training:

  • A solid understanding of negotiation foundations and complexities giving you the competence and confidence to fully represent your clients’ best interests
  • The ability to build both cognitive and effect-based trust fast and earn the right to represent real estate clients
  • Deliver highly effective strategic solutions to your clients
  • Resolve differences between parties for successful dealmaking
  • Understand your personal behaviour and refine your approach to maximize effectiveness
  • Deliver maximum value to your clients and to yourself
  • Build a real estate business that you are proud of

Being exceptionally good is the only way to the top.

Private coaching helps real estate agents
get outstanding results while delivering
an exceptional customer experience.