Multi perspective assessment

Multi Perspective Assessment

In this era of fast paced change and heightened competition, a clear view of your strengths and gaps is essential to create your most effective learning and leadership development pathway.

We provide a comprehensive Multi-Perspective Feedback Assessment designed to gauge your performance, leadership skills, negotiation and communication skills, and overall effectiveness in real estate sales, management, and team leadership.

This structured, multi-rater feedback process is integral for anyone looking to advance in their personal and professional development.

By receiving anonymous and confidential feedback from peers, colleagues, managers, clients, suppliers and occasionally external stakeholders, you can gain insights into your strengths and areas needing improvement.

This type of assessment has been common in the corporate world for decades and has helped thousands of people reach their full potential in work and life.

Assessment Focus Area:

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Customer Orientation

  • Time Management

  • Results Orientation

  • Market & Industry Knowledge

  • Negotiation Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Integrity and Ethics

  • Conflict resolution

  • Cultural competence

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Strategic thinking

  • Adaptability quotient

  • Leadership Effectiveness

  • Team Collaboration

Process Overview

  1. Pre-Assessment Consultation
    Clarification of objectives, stakeholder selection, and logistical arrangements.

  2. Questionnaire Distribution
    Secure and confidential distribution to all selected respondents.

  3. Report Generation
    Comprehensive analysis and synthesis of received feedback.

  4. Feedback Debrief
    Personalized one on one session to discuss findings and suggested actions.

  5. Coaching Sessions
    Two one on one coaching session to design and implement learning pathways.

Key Deliverables

• Customized Multi-Perspective Feedback Assessment questionnaire

• Detailed and confidential feedback report, comprising quantitative and qualitative data

• Personalized development plan, outlining actionable steps for improvement

• One on one coaching sessions with Suze Cumming, Founder and Head Coach at The Nature of Real Estate


Enhanced self-awareness
Identify strengths and areas of improvement from multiple perspectives.

Targeted Development
Prioritize key areas for learning and development and design targeted interventions.

Improved Performance
Align personal development with enhanced professional skills to enhance overall performance.

Increased Revenue
Translate personal and professional development into measurable results in your real estate practice.

Improved Engagement, Meaning, and Happiness
Align your personal values and your professional vision to create a satisfying life balance.

Enhanced Leadership Skills
Develop or refine your leadership competencies that are critical to team success. 

Who Should Utilize This Assessment?

• Individual agents aiming to enhance their professional skills and career progression

• Team leaders aspiring to refine their leadership skills and team management capabilities.

• Organizations seeking to invest in the development of their human capital to drive organization success.

Payment and Scheduling

Payment of $3500 is due upon scheduling the assessment. To ensure availability of our Suze Cumming as assessor, please schedule at least two weeks in advance. Our team will work closely with you to accommodate preferred dates and times. 

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