Passion, Pride and Meaning in Your Business

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Passion, Pride and Meaning in your business


When you feel great about your business, success follows.  People can’t help but be attracted to you and your business when you feel passionate about what you do. 

As real estate markets across Canada shift, this sense of pride that comes from competence and passion is essential if you want to attract clients and get deals done.  

As most of you know, I resigned from the American Negotiation Institute in June and have been sailing the BC Coast and reflecting on the future of The Nature of Real Estate over the past couple of months.   What became incredibly clear is that I want to continue to serve the real estate industry and I want to do it in a way that fully aligns with my passions, beliefs and values.  

What real estate agents do matters, but only when they are highly skilled at helping consumers make great decisions about real estate.  

While most training companies focus on lead generation and agent compensation, I don’t want to do that.  With 37 years of experience in real estate, firstly as a top producer in downtown Toronto and then as a coach to many of the top performing agents and teams in Canada, I know for sure that success in real estate comes from your ability to get deals done in the best interest of your client.    It’s simple. It may not be easy but it’s a clear path and when you follow this path you create a guilt free business that you can feel proud of.   

This mindset and attitude attracts an abundance of clients and the cycle continues in perpetuity. 

This is what I have always strived for in my real estate practice and in The Nature of Real Estate.  I am excited for the next chapter.

I want to help more people build real estate practices that they can feel proud of.  

The first step is to commit do only doing work you are passionate about, that is meaningful to you and that you know will make you feel proud.  This means doing the right thing no matter what.  This means putting your clients first, always.  This means making the time to learn the complex skills required to truly represent your clients and get the very best outcome for them.  

If this aligns with how you think, let’s do this together.

If you want to focus on making money and lead generation, this might not be for you.