The Equinox - equal night and day









Today, September 22nd at 14:49, the sun will pass through the Equinox.  This is the moment when the earth’s axis leans neither towards, nor away from the sun.  On this day, the sun rises due east and sets due west.  Today is equally split between day and night.

The equinox and the soltice are measureable macro level events that occur each quarter year and mark the changing of the seasons.

They are the perfect reminder that there is a bigger picture perspective to our existance that is worth our awareness.

When we are able to shift to see  the bigger perspective of what the world is, we are better able to manage the details of our busy and sometimes stressful lives.

Take a moment and relax with this incredible video from Nasa.  It is taken from the International Space Station and shows our planet in a way that may change the way you think.  It’s peaceful and beautiful and worth each of its four minutes.

Walking on Air

Shifting to a BIGGER PICTURE perpsective allows you to see more, have more options, make better choices.

This will inevitably lead to better outcomes.