Business Planning workshop

Business Planning with The Nature of Real Estate

Master the current real estate market and realize your full potential with our Interactive and Comprehensive Workshop for Realtors®.

Whether you are a seasoned real estate professional or just starting out, join us for this transformative 3-hour journey where we will set you on your path toward real estate success for 2024. 

Business planning is more than writing down a few dreams or goals. The Business Planning Workshop will dig deep into the psychology of human performance and help you create an effective and rewarding business plan that is that is unique to you and your strengths.   

Suze Cumming, CEO & Founder of The Nature of Real Estate, will be facilitating this workshop, live on Zoom. Suze uses this exact business plan format for her one-on-one real estate coaching clients who are some of the top performing Canadian Realtors®. The Business Planning Workshop for Realtors® will be a small group of professionals, and you’ll get individual attention to ensure that we build the best possible business plan unique to your real estate business.

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Workshop Highlights

  1. Preliminary Assessments
    Before the workshop, partake in two extensive assessments aimed at understanding you and your business and identifying strengths, opportunities, and areas for growth.

  2. Goal Setting & Visualization
    Establish clear, attainable, and meaningful goals that will allow you to visualize your path to success. Learn to set milestones that are both challenging and rewarding!

  3. Strengths Exploration
    Discover and leverage your unique strengths. Learn how to utilize your assets to stand out in the real estate market!

  4. Numbers & Metrics
    Delve deep into the numbers behind success in real estate. Gain insights into key metrics and learn how to use them to drive your business forward!

  5. Vision Board
    Create a simple but impactful vision board to make your business plan exciting and obtainable.

  6. Customized Business Plans
    Walk away with a unique and personalized business plan, crafted with expert guidance, to suit your individual needs and aspirations.

  7. Networking Opportunity
    Engage with like-minded real estate professionals. Share insights, learn from others’ experiences, and expand your professional network!

  8. Fun & Interactive Learning
    Enjoy a lively, engaging atmosphere filled with interactive sessions, practical exercises, and enlightening discussions.

Why Attend?

• Gain invaluable insights and knowledge from industry experts

• Develop a clear, actionable business plan tailored to your needs

• Network with other real estate professionals and expand your connections

• Propel your career to new heights with enhanced business acumen

• Enjoy a vibrant and dynamic learning environment

Secure Your Spot Now

Seats are limited, and we want to ensure that every participant gets individual attention and maximum value. Secure your spot now and embark on a journey to redefine your real estate career!

November 17th, 2023 SOLD OUT

December 11th, 2023



Includes pre-course assessments


Live with Suze on Zoom.

Date & Time

Friday, November 17th, 2023
9am – Noon PST
Noon – 3pm EST

Monday, December 11th, 2023
9am – Noon PST
Noon – 3pm EST

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