the nature of sales coaching program

The Nature of Sales Philosophy

Sales gets a bad rap.

I asked a group of REALTORS® I like to share their initial reaction to the word sales, and I received responses like salesy, pushy, bad cologne, manipulative, slimy, greedy. I then asked the same group, what is sales and I got very different responses. They used phrases like help people, customer service, pride, share knowledge and expertise, guide and mentor.

It is in this disconnect, that The Nature of Sales was born.

While most real estate sales training is about the agent making more money, The Nature of Sales is about attracting great clients by being excellent at what you do.

What does it mean to be excellent at Real Estate?

While selling properties is part of what we do, helping people make good decisions about real estate is an equally valuable part of our work. This involves human connection, trust building, and empathy. Excellence in real estate is multifaceted. There is the human side, there is the strategic side and there is of course, the negotiations. Each of these is complex and important and this program will address all of them.

If you are truly excellent at what you do, you will attract an abundance of clients. Of this, I am sure.


The Nature of Sales Program

This will be a small group coaching program with a maximum of 10 people in each group. Each group will be led my me, Suze. There will be three groups and participants will be divided up based on their GCI for the past year. Group one will be GCI under $200K. Group two will be GCI of $200K – $500K and group three will be GCI of over $500K. Proof of production will be required.

Each group will meet with me three times per month for 1.5 hours each time. Each session will include a significant learning element as well as helping individuals overcome their unique challenges. The types of things that we will tackle in these sessions are sales resistance, ours and our prospects, ethical sales skills, building successful strategies, and mastering negotiations. In addition to the three-monthly sessions, there will learning resources emailed to you throughout the program, email support available with Suze and peer support from other members of your group.

There will be no contracts for this coaching program. You sign up for each month in advance and you choose which months you want to join. Groups will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The cost is $495 per month.

Before you can join a group, you must complete the initiation process. This is one on one time with Suze to build your unique success plan. This plan will be completely customized to you leveraging your strengths, values, and opportunities. The initiation process will include the completion of two extensive online assessments, two 45 minute one on one sessions with Suze and the creation of your unique success plan. The cost of this initiation is $995. Once the initiation process is complete, you will be placed in a coaching group of like-minded peers.