Coach Training Syllabus

Suze Cumming

Welcome to The Nature of Real Estate Coach Training Program. This course will not only teach coaching skills through theory, practice, and application, but will also tie it directly to the changing Real Estate industry, teaching you how to help agents (or yourself) succeed, and how to help them do so in a way that increases the bar of excellence in our  industry.

We know this course will challenge you. Learning coaching skills will likely mean learning a new way of thinking. Those who are most successful in this course come in with a dedication to the material, and an openness to learn and challenge themselves.

Learning Session Dates:
New dates coming soon

8:00am PT – 3:00pm PT
9:00am MT – 4:00pm MT
11:00am ET – 6:00pm ET
12:00pm AT – 7:00pm AT  

Daily two 10 minutes breaks and a half hour for lunch.  

This will be a small group live and highly interactive on Zoom with Suze.

Course Flow Chart:
Pre-Course Assessments.  Allow about an hour to complete them.  Online strengths survey and an extensive real estate questionnaire.  

Part One:  Intro to Coaching.
What is coaching, coaching demonstration, and your strengths as a coach

Part two:  Listening and Questions
Understanding and implementing the core principles of coaching, and why they work

Part three: Providing Structure
Using coaching skills to lead to progress, see the progress, and create structure of your clients

Part Four: The Coaching Mindset
Learning how to think as an excellent coach

Part Five: The Model
The Nature of Real Estate coaching model: business plans, real estate tools, how to implement, and the model of high-level Real Estate Coaching

Part Six: The Coaching Flow
How do people process, learn, and grow; and what is the best way to guide people through this in a coaching conversation

Each section features learning elements, discussions, and peer coaching.  Your willingness to openly participate is essential.  

Earning your Accredited Real Estate Coach (AREC) Certification.

There will be a written exam and a live coaching demonstration one on one with Suze.  You will be required to demonstrate your understanding and ability in coaching to successfully earn your AREC Certificate.