Stealth Service Evaluator

Stealth Service Evaluator – Real Estate Edition

Transform Your Real Estate Team with Stealth Evaluations

Welcome to the Stealth Service Evaluator! Our revolutionary program is specifically designed to elevate the performance and productivity of your real estate team through discreet, comprehensive evaluations, ensuring optimal client interactions, team collaboration, and overall productivity.

Features of the Stealth Service Evaluator Program

  1. Bespoke Evaluation Design
    Personalized consultation with team leaders to tailor the program to your specific needs and areas of assessment.

  2. Multi-Channel Interaction
    Covert evaluations of team members through email, text, phone calls, social media, and in person to gather holistic information.

  3. Comprehensive Reports
    Detailed insight reports collated with all gathered information, offering precise assessments and improvement areas.

  4. Learning Agenda Design
    Customized learning agenda developed for both individual team members and the entire team, focusing on identified areas of improvement.

  5. Training Sessions:
    Inclusive of 3 hours of specialized training for team members to address and rectify highlighted concerns. Additional training and coaching may be recommended.

Benefits of the Stealth Service Evaluator

• Enhanced Team Performance

• Increased Team Member Success and Retention

• Optimized Client Interactions

• Informed Decision Making

• Improved team moral and collaboration

• Increase client satisfaction- more repeat and referral business

• Increased team status in competitive market

• Increased revenue

Who is the Steal Service Evaluator For?

• Real Estate Team Leaders

• Real Estate Brokerage Owners/Managers


The program costs begin at $5000 depending on the size of your team and the scope of the evaluation. Click here to email Suze and set up a time for an initial consultation.

Empower Your Team.
Elevate Your Service.
Increase Your Revenue.