Our mission

To save the real estate industry.
Yes, for real estate agents but more importantly for consumers.  

When supported by a skilled and ethical real estate agent, people make better decisions financially, functionally and emotionally, which allows them to lead better lives. We believe that what real estate agents do matters. 

Our vision

We are advisors, not just coaches. We help the small percentage of real estate agents who are deeply committed to getting the best outcome for their clients. We help REALTORS® build and execute successful strategies and negotiations.

We are dedicated to helping the real estate agents who are committed to this path, to serve more people. If this resonates with you, let’s connect.  

green house character illustration watering the garden
We’d like to help you become exceptional at what you do.
We know how.

Real Estate disruptors are working hard to dismantle traditional real estate models. If the professional bar in real estate is low, they may succeed. We believe that our industry is worth saving because great REALTORS® help people make better decisions about housing. We want to save our industry by raising the bar, one real estate agent at a time. Let’s do this!

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The mindset of adventure and nature is embedded in everything we do.
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Suze is passionate about helping REALTORS® who are committed to an ethical approach, serve more people.

The Nature of Real Estate was born in 2007 when Suze moved to Whistler with a dream of bringing her passion for REALTORS® and adventure together. Suze took groups of high-level REALTORS® into fantastic, isolated environments for extreme Wilderness Explores. These were heady days, and although much has changed since then, Suze always brings her passion and experience as a world class negotiator and coach to an online learning environment.

Our courses are fast paced, impactful, and facilitated with passion.

No BS, no pretending. We offer the real deal, because we have valuable information that you need to hear. When you take these courses you will work hard, be uncomfortable and gain skills that will help you and your clients get better results.   

Meet our family

The family of house characters including Curios, Prosper, Perserveres and Claritas


I’ve always been a world traveller who allowed my curiosity to create new opportunities for me. My goal is to meet new possibilities with compassion, creativity and the desire to build better connections. I feel fulfilled when I use this mindset, and my clients love it! My advice? When you approach the world with a mindset of curiosity, you unlock the law of attraction.


Is it ok to be both prosperous and a good person? I think so. In fact, I’ve found that when I look at the bigger picture or start to think from another person’s point of view, my options multiply! This helps me find better solutions to problems, and the chance to connect meaningfully with other people. (Often times these people become lifelong friends and clients who trust me.)


I’m a bit ambitious — my objective is to become my best possible self. This path requires dedication to encounter and overcome rejection, self-doubt and failure, which only the successful can do. My advice? These are things we all must deal with, but only the most persistent will be able overcome these challenges and truly achieve their objectives. 


Have you ever thought about how your shoes feel about you wearing them? A silly question yes, but as a high level negotiator, empathy is the tool I use to understand what other parties  — including my clients, colleagues, and counterparts — are thinking. It’s crucial to being able to successfully close high octane deals. 

Our executive level business coaching gets to the heart and soul of you and your real estate business.  

If we don’t think our services are beneficial, we will tell you. Because this isn’t training or accountability in disguise, we only accept clients who act with integrity and ethics. We aren’t doing this to get rich. We are doing this because we believe that excellent REALTORS® help people make better decisions about real estate, and that leads to a better life.      

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